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Charity 'CAKE' Hamidullah

Freelance Artist & Mural Painter

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Phone: (678)637-3299
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I am currently a tattoo artist at City of Ink in Atlanta, Georgia. I relocated from my hometown of Rochester, New York where I too worked at as a tattooer at Inkaholicz Tattoo Family. Relocating from New York was to continue my growth as an artist and individual. Since my move three years ago, I have been engaged and too curated numerous successful art shows. I have placed many pieces on the streets of Atlanta (commissioned and non-commissioned). My most recent project is a mural which can be seen at Purple Corkscrew located in Emory Village. This mural has said to change and uplift the community of Emory. I too have been recognized by SPRITE as the Purveyor of the Urban Community amongst the youth for my artistry in tattooing and street art. Overall I have shown to prove my dedication and true love for my craft and bettering my community through art.
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Mural Painting