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Colleen Koziara

Freelance Mural Painter, Book Illustrator, & More

Location:Itasca, Illinois, United States
Phone: 630-668-0850
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The Spirit and Humanity of Nature, The Nature of Humanity and Spirit.

Doorways, Colors and the Magnificence of Nature. Places through which we may see beyond the normal confines of our everyday sight. Access points through which we may travel. The beauty and complexity of form and shape and color in all of nature leave me speechless. With my work I strive to capture the feelings these experiences bring to me and share them with others.
I grew up in northern Wisconsin on a farm, on an island. I grew up loving stories, myths, legends and songs. It was peaceful, gentle and beautiful there. Woods, fields, wildflowers, and views of the lake from rosy sunrise to golden sunset filled my life. What most amazed me were the intricacies of nature. The sight of a setting sunbeam shining through the branches of a tree, illuminating a delicate spiderweb and transforming that web to a magical world formed of liquid silver. I came to see a personality in nature. A “secret” face. And the magic of nature and the stories that it brought to life in my imagination filled me with an enduring childlike sense of wonder and inspired me to create both then and now.
I work in a variety of mediums, but my favorite is transparent acrylics. I strive to make each of my works a window or a doorway filled with all the colors of the rainbow, all the wonder of the turning of the seasons and all the peace that I believe we could find for ourselves if we could just slow down enough to really see the beauty that fills our world. I think my best works are the ones that give the viewer a feeling of this deeper magic being mirrored within themselves.

Colleen Koziara was born in Chicago, raised on Washington Island in northern Wisconsin, spent a few years scampering about the country living here and there, and then returned to Chicago in 1985 to attend the American Academy of Art and she loved it so much in Chicago, she is still there! Colleen has more than 20 books featuring her art already in print and more in production. Colleen has been consistently featured in juried gallery showings for more than 20 years, has 4 solo shows to her credit, and pieces in private collections in the US, Japan and the UK. Currently Colleen has several pieces on display in the current showing at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago. The Making of Art has been for Colleen an escape to a place of respite from her regular pursuits in the healthcare industry working with seniors, most specifically those with Alzheimer’s Disease. 6 years ago, Colleen started her own business, Beyond Bingo, Inc., and now focuses on bringing the arts and creativity to seniors across the country as part of her role as an instructor, facilitator, programming consultant and Dementia Care Trainer.

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Artistic Project Resume - update in process

Colleen Koziara – (b. 1964 – Chicago )

American Academy of Art, Chicago, IL – 1986-7

2020 - St Charles Art Center
2019-2020 - Highland Park Arts Center
2016 - 2020 - a variety of shows - Life Force Arts Center, Chicago, IL
2015 - Universal Spirit Show - Life Force Arts Center, Chicago, IL
2014 – Companion and Warrior Show – Life Force Arts Center, Chicago, IL
2013 – Witness and Artist Show – Life Force Arts Center, Chicago IL
2011 - Solo Show – “From the Fire Series” - Olcott Gallery, Wheaton, IL
2011 –Ecstatic Love –Burning Bush Gallery, Wheaton, IL
2010 – Art on Parade, Artists Series, Solo Show ––Graham’s, Geneva, IL
2009 –Solo Show –Fiddlers Green Gallery, Washington Island, WI
2006- Ancient Influence –Caladan Gallery, Online Gallery
2004 – Solo Show – “Thirteen Silver Moons – Children’s Book Art” –Olcott Gallery, Wheaton, IL

I have pieces in private collections in the U.S., U.K., and Japan


2012 - present - Stay Tuned for details!
2011 – Fiddlers Green – Public Venue
2006 – Prehistoric Dinosaur World – children’s room, Private Home
2006 - Fairyland – children’s room, Private Home
2004 - Japanese Zen and Moss Garden – Private Home
2000 - Bull Jumpers, Peacock Boy, Three Ladies and Snake Goddess – re-creation of Minoan Frescos – Private Home

Book Illustrations
Tedbar and the Magical Forest, By P.J.Hruby, Publisher TBD,
Sometimes It Takes and Elephant, by Patricia M. Campbell, M.Div, M.S., Publisher - Archway/Simon&Schuster - 2018
The Last Diamonds, A children's story - by E. James Keledjian - Publisher TBD - 2014
The Pocket Guide to Rituals – by Kerri Connor – CareerPress/NewPage – 2006 (Interiors)
A Good Night’s Sleep – by David Hansberger – Mystical Willow Productions – 2005
Thirteen Silver Moons – by Colleen Koziara – Mystical Willow Productions – 2004
Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Divination – by Patricia Telesco – CareerPress/NewPage – 2003/4 (Cover)
Wicca On The Web – by Sirona Knight & Patricia Telesco – Publisher Unknown – 2001 (Interiors)
Exploring Celtic Druidism – by Sirona Knight – CareerPress/NewPage – 2001 (Interiors)
Candle Magick – by Patricia Telesco – CareerPress/NewPage – 2001 (Interiors)
Enchanted Living – by Patricia Telesco – CareerPress/NewPage 2001 (Interiors)
Charmed Life – by Patricia Telesco – CareerPress/NewPage – 2000 (Cover and Interiors)
Witches, Beverages and Brews – by Patricia Telesco – CareerPress/NewPage – 2000
(Cover – US Release; Cover and Interiors – German Release)
Advanced Wicca – by Patricia Telesco – Citadel – 1999 (Interiors)
Magickal Places – by Patricia Telesco – Citadel – 1999 – (Interiors)
The Wiccan Book of Rituals & Ceremonies – by Patricia Telesco – Citadel – 1998 (Interiors & Writing)
Dancing With Devas – by Patricia Telesco – Belfrey Book, 1998 (Interior Chapter Plates)
The Sacred Stone Oracle – by Patricia Telesco – Blue Pearl Publishers – 1998 (Casting Cloth Design)
Mirror, Mirror: Reflections of the Sacred Self – by Patricia Telesco – Publisher unknown – (Cover)
Brother Wind and Sister Rain – by Patricia Telesco - Galde Press – 1996 (Cover and Interiors)
Spinning Spells, Weaving Wonders – by Patricia Telesco - Crossing Press – 1996 (Interiors)
Seasons of the Sun – by Patricia Telesco - Samuel A. Weiser Publisher – 1996 (Cover and Interiors)
Pagan Scouting Handbook – Author Unknown – Altar Publishing – Release Date Unknown (Cover)
Cakes for the Queen of Heaven – by Reverend Shirley Rank – Delphi Press – 1995 (Cover)
Body Painting for Ritual and Magic – Author Unknown – Delphi Press – 1993 (Cover & Interiors)

Artistic Project Resume

Magazine Covers, Interior Illustrations, Design, CD Covers and Writing

WeMoon Anthology - 2021
Circle Sanctuary – 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 (PSG Logo Art – for Web, Poster, Ads and TShirts)
Life Force Arts Center - CD Cover - Music of the Life Force - 2015
Circle Magazine –2014, 2013 –Issue #113 Cover, Interior Article, 2010 Fall Cover, 2005 Fall Cover, 2003 (Cover Art all 4 covers for 2003), 2002, 2001, Article, Illustrations, Family Focus Column-Regular Feature 2001-2002
WeMoon Anthology - 2011
WeMoon Date Book – 2011, 2010, 2009,2008, 2007
Anima-Young Singers of Greater Chicago – 2010, 2009 (CD Cover Design/Concert Poster Design)
Haiku Productions – 2006 (Body painting/computer calendar, layout, and design)
Kuhn Counseling, PC – 2006 (Logo, Business Design, Letterhead/Envelope, Trifold Brochure)
Shahina – 2005 (Logo, Business Design, Color Advertising Design, Type design)
Appsteps, Inc. – 2002 (Corporate Identity)
Songs for the Journey – 2001 (CD Cover Art and Jacket Design)
Witches and Witchlings – 1995 (Cover Art)
Mother’s Underground – 1994 (Article and Illustration)
The Compleat Mother – 1993 (Article and Illustration)