Freelance Internet Marketer & Electrical Engineer

Location:Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan
2 Skills
Lubna Shahzadi
House no. 7, Street no. 10,
Sector 2, New Shakrial,Ziaa MAsjad, Islamabad
Mob: +92-333-5075039

Objective To join a highly reputable setup where I could get an opportunity to learn and get experience, as well as use my skills to contribute to the organization’s progress


M.Sc. Communication Engineering July 2011 - Present
(Specialization in Wireless Communication)
Institute of Space Technology (IST), Islamabad, Pakistan

B.Sc. Electronic Engineering 2006 - 2010
Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU), Islamabad, Pakistan
CGPA: 2.25

HSSC, Pre-Engineering 2003 - 2005
Telecom Girls Public School & College, Abbottabad Board, Pakistan
Percentage: 81%

SSC, Computer Science 2001 - 2003
Telecom Girls High School, Abbottabad Board, Pakistan
Percentage: 74%

Work Experience

QExpress Pvt. (Ltd.) July 2012 to Jan 2013
Business Development Officer

• Making quotations and handling all type of inquiries
• Client’s dealing

Haseen Habib Corporation Pvt. (Ltd.) Jan 2011-Jan 2012
Junior Safety Officer/Marketing Trainee

• Making quotations and handling inquiries
• Taking parts in tenders
• Client’s dealing

Training/ Certificates Conference on “Resource Sharing of Scientific Literature” May 2011
Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Nilor, Islamabad

Training Course on “Excellence Performance through April 2011
Emotional Intelligence”
Government Of Pakistan, Directorate Of Workers Education, H-9, Islamabad

Training course on “SDH Workshop” April 2010
ZTE University Pakistan

Training course on “Digital Filter Design Using MATLAB” July 2009
Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad

Project Selective transmission of RF signals through energy saving glass

Major Subjects • Antenna and Radio Wave Propagation
• Wireless Communication System
• Digital Communication System
• Data Communication and Computer Networks
• Electronics (I and II)

Computer Skills
• MS-Office
• PSPice

Skills • Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Hard worker and honest
• Ability to finish off assignments on time, thus good in meeting deadlines

Fluent in English and Urdu and Punjabi

References Dr Ghaffer Kiani
CSIRO, ICT Centre Marsfield, NSW, Australia


Dr Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed
Professor/Executive Vice President
Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad, Pakistan PhD Microelectronics (University of Cambridge, UK) CEng (UK), FIEE (UK), SMIEEE (USA), Eur.Ing (Brussels) Email :

Dr Ghaffer Kiani
Post Doctoral Fellow
Wireless and Networking Technologies Laboratory
CSIRO, ICT Centre Marsfield, NSW, Australia

Executive Summary of Project:

Energy saving glass is designed to save energy whether this energy is from sun or from any man made machine (like heaters, inverters etc). This property of energy saving is achieved by applying coating on one side of float glass during float glass sputtering process. This coating is made up of metal oxide (tin oxide or indium oxide etc) and it is usually transparent so that one can see through the glass. It provides high thermal insulation to the buildings by blocking infrared rays so that building can be kept warm in winter and cool in summer for longer period of time.

The major issue with this glass is that it attenuates GSM signals due to which communication problem/s arises. In Dr Kiani’s previous research the transmission of GSM and other useful signals was improved by 20 dB, however there was still a transmission loss of 10 dB at resonance frequency. In this project, the transmission of useful microwave signals was further improved by 4 dB for Pilkington’s HP SunCool™ product. Preliminary theoretical results are presented.