Jairus Mitchell

Freelance Blog Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
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I am a skilled writer and editor that currently generates regular content for http://halfemptyetank.com
I am familiar with all facets of SEO; from creating 'linkbait' to manually building links and generating traffic. Have a weird project? I revel in the unusual. Need a few hundred-thousand words punched into a computer? My word-fists are ready. Need keyword dense content? I will inject all of the keywords you desire.

I know META tags, the difference between a 301 redirect and a 307, and how to preform through keyword research.
I can sniff out dead links with a bloodhound's nose.
I will build organic links for you quickly, cheaply and efficiently.
I will write informative and original content so effective and thought provoking that it will cause your unborn child to have an epiphany.(Note:Due to the nature of fetal development this service cannot be guaranteed)
Need a Ghost Writer? They will never know. Need a researcher or a fact checker? I WON'T just use Wikipedia.
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