Zhen Chen

Freelance Chinese Translator & Medical Translator

Location:Baldwin Park, California, United States
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I am a professional English-Mandarin interpreter & translator. Below are a few elaborations from my Resume, highlighting my educational background and working experiences in providing bilingual services.

• I am a native speaker of Mandarin, born in a family of Chinese linguists and editor-in-chief for two national linguistics journals. I love the beauty of Mandarin and English. I read and write both Traditional and Simplified characters. Lived in the U.S. for 16 years. Currently working as a professional freelance interpreter, translator, writer, and language coach.

• Hold a B.A. degree in English earned in China, an M.A. and a Ph.D. degree in Chinese Linguistics in the U.S.

• Taught Chinese as a foreign language at college level (including public universities, private college, and military institution) as a Teaching Assistance, Lecturer, and Assistant Professor in the U.S. for 14 years.

• First received training in Interpretation and Translation (I&T) in 1997 from the Center of Interpretation and Translation Studies at University of Hawaii, which was one of the only 3 institutions in the U.S. that provided I&T training between English and Asian languages two decades ago. Have 12+ years of translation experiences and 6+ years of intensive interpretation experiences.

• Worked for Language Line Services as a phone interpreter between job transitions in academic field upon getting my Ph.D. degree. Familiar with public service interpretation, including medical, emergency, banking, insurance (auto, medical, and life), legal, etc. Have great communication and customer service skills.

• Worked at an Educational Consulting Company in China, which is the East Asia Center of a U.S.-based organization for 4 years, mainly using my linguistics skills to conduct and supervise translation for many book-length training materials, compose bilingual reports, journals, newsletters, and serve as the sole interpreter for scores of 3~8 days intensive training conferences when western trainers were introduced to the indigenous partners/teams in the East. Can work effectively even under great pressure and in a diverse culture.

• My I&T assignments in those 4 years included Crisis Response, Community Healthcare Education, Community Development, Leadership and Teamwork, Organizational Governance and management, MentorLink, Communication, Marriage Counseling, Mobilization, etc.

• Back to the North America, my major translation assignments include series of patient education pamphlets from various hospitals and healthcare programs, criminal report forms from local Police Station, legal documents to be presented in court, DMV manual, government inspection notice, tourism brochure, survey, international business correspondence, hotel managements, etc.

• My in-depth and wide knowledge of both Chinese and English with their cultures, as well as professional editing/formatting skills, along with high-quality, quick turn-around translation, were impressed by many clients, colleagues, and supervisors. My accuracy and fluency in both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation received high appraisal among colleagues and supervisors.

• Did countless consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for churches and Christian conferences both in the US and Canada for many nationally and internationally known speakers.

• I hold U.S. Permanent Residency (Green Card), thus authorized to work. Moved to Los Angeles County (close to Orange County) a year ago. Finished taking a semester of 40-hour Medical Interpretation Training Course offered by MAGNUS, certificate of completion earned in November 2013. Recently passed the Written Exam for National Board Certified Medical Interpreters (NB CMI). Preparing to take its Oral Exam to become a Mandarin NB CMI soon.

• I am a very detail-oriented and multi-task person who values high-quality and user-friendly services.

• My Interpretation hourly rate is $60-90. And my Translation rate is $0.15-0.24 per Source Language word.

I believe with my educational background and working experiences, I can contribute in many ways to be a bridge between service providing clients and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) clients. I’m one of the rare linguists who enjoys both Interpretation (interacting with people, providing face-to-face or video-conferencing service) and Translation (sitting long hours in front of a computer, knowing that the LEPs may have something solid to refer to even after they leave the service provider.)

A full version of my Resume and even C.V. are available upon request.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Best regards,
Zhen Chen
Ph.D. in Chinese Linguistics
Professional Freelance Mandarin Interpreter, Translator, Writer, & Language Coach