Nick Pretorius

Freelance Writer & Book Writer

Location:Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
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Name: Nicholaas J. Pretorius
Date of birth: 15 April 19954
Marital Status: Married
Dependants: Three
Nationality: South Africa
Cell: +27835864498


Reason for application

I love my language, country and its people. To be able to translate in my mother tongue is ideal as my language is my passion. I have six years experience as a part time translator Afrikaans to English and English to Afrikaans.

Possessing an outstanding record of achievement. Leadership encompasses in a range of industries and sectors. Managing diverse cultures in adverse political and commercial situations whilst balancing, effecting and sustaining business changes. Now looking to make a continued significant contribution with challenging products and services worldwide.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning: Operations: Sales and Marketing; Company Expantion: Modernisation/Change Management: Business Analysis: Acquisition Strategies: Team Building/Leadership: Cost Rationalisation; Trouble Shooting: System and Process Development: Maximizing Profits: Vast experience in establishing and building new companies: Research and Development: franchising.

Professional Development

B. Tech Technicon RSA 1996
(Security Management)
MBA Oxford Brookes UK 2004
(Business Management)
PhD Trinity University USA 2006
(Business Management. Wrote a book on the subject and became visiting professor.)
PPL Helicopters 1996
(Helicopter pilot)

1. Vast experience in Security and Risk Management, training, Intelligence and counter intelligence, anti-terrorism, Leading of Investigation teams, ex South African Police Services.


A. Active of the Missing Children Unit (International)
B. Member of Green Peace
C. Member of several international business council/forums/associations.
D. Member of Shotokan Japanese Karate Association 2nd Dan
E. Won Gold Medal on the World Power Lifting Games in 2001.

The above is mentioned to give a clear idea of my experience in order to direct the appropriate translation work to me. However I would love to translate books and short stories and articles regarding sport. I have written two books regarding business management. Writing is my forte and therefore the translations interest. I do not use machine work to translate; all work is done by myself.

Willing and able translator


Dr. Nick Pretorius
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Book Writing