Susan Johnson

Freelance Fact Checking Freelancer & Nature Photographer

Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
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SUMMARY: • Professional with two Bachelor degrees (Geoscience and Political Science) and graduate level coursework in Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering, Geographic Information Science and Association Management
• Experience with IHS Petra, PowerBench/PowerLog, Core Lab RAPID, Techlog, SMT Kingdom, Canvas, LandPro, ArcGIS, ENVI, Landmark Geographix., TX RRC-GIS system, IHS Enerdeq, Drilling Info, Neuralog, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Outlook, Access, Excel, MS Office Professional Products
• Ability to solve problems accurately and to establish and maintain effective working
relationships with supervisors, fellow employees, regulatory officials, and the public.
• Ability to make significant contributions to team objectives and to complete
multiple and diverse tasks of differing priorities.

EDUCATION: Graduate Studies in Geoscience, 2012-2013
University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas
Graduate Studies in Geoscience, 2011-2013
University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Graduate Studies in Petroleum Engineering, 2010-11
Texas A&M University, Austin, Texas
Bachelor Degree in Geoscience, 2003
University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Graduate Studies in Geographic Information Science, 2003-04
University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Graduate Studies in Association Management, 1985-86
The George Washington University Graduate School of Public Policy and Public Administration, Washington, DC
Bachelor Degree in Political Science, 1979
St. Andrews Presbyterian College, Laurinburg, NC

EXPERIENCE: • Geoscience Technician III – Technical Studies Team, petrophysics, Eagle Ford
Subsurface Asset Team, CoreLab consortium core data, special projects, Team
Newsletter and SharePoint site, current trends research
• EXCO Resources Inc, promoted February, 2013- April, 2014 Dallas, Texas.
Geoscience Technician III and New Ventures technical support,
• EXCO Resources Inc, 2010 – 2013 Dallas, Texas
New Plays-Basin Studies Team - Regional geologic interpretation –New Plays
Support Business Development within the focus regions
Support Business Assets within the focus region and tap resources in operating groups
to lay the ground work for potential new operating areas.
Integrate with Technical Studies Team on projects
Create and maintain database of North American Shale play and prospect data inventory
• Geoscience Contractor, EXCO Resources Inc, 2009 - 2010 Dallas, Texas
Geologic database project (65,000 + wells) clean up. Hired as temporary consultant to analyze PETRA project and determine avenues for streamlining data and standardizing naming conventions. Continued after initial project was completed on time, working with Geoscience team on projects as assigned.

Geologist, Martineau Petroleum, Inc., 2007-09 Dallas, Texas
• Well site visits to observe operations at projects in the Austin Chalk and Lower Woodbine
• Worked as liaison with geophysicist and petroleum engineers on contract projects.
• Developed projects and maintained geologic (PETRA, Access) databases.
• Maintained and monitored inventory of log, geological, or other corporate data. Researched and retrieved cultural and well data, directional surveys, and formation tops for geologic databases from in-house, online, and geological libraries.
• Digitized logs, structure, isopach, and land maps. Calibrated raster log images used to create structural and stratigraphic cross-sections.
• Produced presentation quality geological and geophysical individual displays and montages.
• Designed and created NAPE presentation displays and managed the booth at NAPE.

EXPERIENCE Geologic Landman, MB Exploration, LLC, 2005-07
continued: Dallas, Texas
• Assisted in preparation of oil & gas contracts; processed oil & gas leases and related contracts and correspondence to files, county clerks, land administration and partners.
• Prepared correspondence & contracts, research leases, contracts, proposals or specific information for Landmen.
• Prepared check requests, oil & gas leases, assignments, right of ways and other associated contracts.
• Prepared and transmitted leases, assignments, etc. to land administration group, and to partners.
• Fax/mail proposal letters to partners on well drilling, workovers, recompletions, lease acquisition, etc.
• Maintained spreadsheets to monitor proposals, AFE spending, lease acreage and related bonus, brokerage & other costs.

PROFESSIONAL AAPG – Basic Well Log Analysis
TRAINING: PowerBench/PowerLog – Intro and Advanced courses; Jason CGG - Houston, TX
Land Analysis Institute - 12 week Training Course
Hydrogen Sulfide Training in accordance with ANSI Z390.1-2006
Midland Tech – Land and Leasing; Life of an Oil and Gas Lease
PETRA Fundamentals for Geologists
LandPro Leasing Fundamentals
Landmark Geographix Fundamentals
Dale Carnegie Graduate - Effective Communications and Human Relations
Bureau of Economic Geology- Austin, TX June 2011: Core Workshop, Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Geochemistry and Petrophysics of the Haynesville and Bossier Shales in East TX and No LA

PROFESSIONAL • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Energy Minerals Division
ACTIVITIES: • Dallas Geological Society (DGS)
• Geological Society of America (GSA)
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Fact Checking
Nature Photography