Chris Bennett

Freelance Sculptor & Portrait Artist

Location:Keosauqua, Iowa, United States
2 Skills
“Citizen Soldier”: Tri planed sculpture relief depicting two soldiers in high relief in the first plane, their citizen lives in bas relief in the second plane, Iowa landscape, cityscape, and cloud shapes background in water jet cut and layered sections in the third plane, 14 ft. x 9 ft. x 8 in., Bronze, site one, *“Vigilant Eagle”, Eagle perched on post top starring alertly and vigilantly to the side positioned in front of a Iowa cloud-like water jet cut and layered shape, life-size eagle, 4 ft. x 4 ft. background, Bronze, site two, *“Ordnance Logo”: Army Ordnance logo, water jet cut and layered shape, 4 ft. x 4 ft., bronze, copper, stainless steel, Cor-ten steel, National Guard Armory, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 2011
“Apple Tree Childcare Center Donor Recognition Wall”: 4 ft. x 8 ft. panel. Apple wood board background, slabbed apple tree trunk, main branch and minor branches, cut apple wood apples and leafs with calligraphically written donor names, brass hanger pins. Van Buren County Hospital, Keosauqua, IA, 2012
“Serving Hands as the Fragrance of a Rose” A Tribute to Healthcare Workers, Four life-size, bronze figures standing atop a rose garden planter dressed in medical worker attire. Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center, Marshalltown, Iowa 2011
Johnson Shut-ins State Park Orientation Center Plaza Interpretive Icons Ten 6 x 2 ft., and one 6.5 x 5 ft., water-jet cut, layered by individual color patina and assembled, bronze and Cor-ten steel, southeastern Missouri landscape, water, history, and wildlife themes. Therese McKee design, Creative Edge Mastershop production, Bennett Studio patina, assembly, installation, Johnson Shut-ins State Park, Reynolds County, MO, 2009
“W.T. Brookshire Commemorative” Life-size, bronze standing bronze figure, corporate headquarters Brookshire Grocery, Tyler, TX, 2009
“Architectural Continuum” Life-size aluminum cutout figures, printed color contemporary and sepia historical imagery on Mylar and Plexiglas, 12’ w. x 8 t. x 12’ d. hanging above doors in atrium entrance, University of Northern Iowa, Innovative Teaching and Technology Center, Cedar Falls, IA, 2007
“Douglas Hoeft Commemorative”, life-size aluminum mask portrait, over aluminum metal photo image plate. 36”h. x 26” w. x 10” d., Homeless Shelter, Elgin, IL 2007
“Parade Route”, Life-size, bronze 2 figures, grandfather lifting grandson to his shoulders for a better view of a perceived parade. Main street, Shoreline, WA. , 2007
“Prairie Preening”, Life-size, bronze Red tail hawk perched on a hedge corner post crowned with barbed wire, while preening under its wing, Butler Community College, El Dorado, KS. 2007
“Descending Strength, Ascending Peace”: 50’ x 75’ landscaped area, 27’ dia. plaza with “light fountain”, 10.5’ h. x 21’ l. “furling” bronze wall, life-size eagle with six arrows, over-life-size dove with olive branch, 40’ flag pole with flag, lighting, donor text brick. Veterans memorial, Ames, IA., 2006
“Illinois Representative Douglas Hoeft Memorial”: Life-size, bronze figure, seated on a park bench, River Walk Park, Elgin, IL. , 2005
“Pool of Bethesda”: Two life-size, bronze figures Jesus standing, and an invalid man kneeling arms outstretched, installed atop a flowing tiered fountain. Bethesda Lutheran Home Services corporate Headquarters, Watertown WI. 2004
“Athletic Heroes of Iowa”: 3 life-size, bronze figures. Iowa High School Athletic Association, Iowa Events Center, Hall of Pride, Des Moines, IA., 2006
“Henry Anson Memorial”: Life-size, bronze figure on limestone pedestal, including a time capsule. Courthouse Square, Marshalltown, IA, 2004
“Dwight Vredenburg Memorial”: Life-size, bronze figure with bronze accessories on bronze bench, 4 bronze descriptive plaques Hy-Vee Corporation, West Des Moines, IA , 2003
“Hugh Cantrell”: Life size, bronze bust, on walnut pedestal, National Softball Hall of Fame, Nicholasville, KY , 2002
“Reflective Tribute”: Life-size bronze figure, life-size bronze relief figure, 24’ x 30” descriptive plaque, 25’ x 18’ site specific stone plaza, stone benches 7’, stone pillars 7’, hedged quiet space, W.W.II Memorial, Upper Iowa University, Fayette, IA , “2001” .
“George Soumas Memorial”:, Life-size, bronze figure seated “at coffee” within Soumas Court, Hotel Pattee, Perry, IA , “2002”
“Clinton Street Scape Project”: Life-size, eagle, mink, snow goose, otter, heron, catfish, beaver, fox, bronze on stone bases, each central to 6 ½’ diameter x 2’ high fountain, 15’ dia. landscaped composition (8 fountains, 8 street corners), Clinton, IA. “2002”

“Lil’ Slugger”: Life size bust, bonded bronze, Office of the Governor, state capitol, Des Moines, IA. “2001”
Virginia Larson Memorial”: Life-size, cold cast bronze, private memorial, donated to the library, Story City, IA. “2000”
“Stepping Stones”: 24’ dia. fountain with over life-size bronze figure torsos, also 24” 1/3 life-size figures within 12’ dia. quiet pool, 24’ x 8” & 12’ x 4” stainless steel circular tube framing, water fall, meadow, seating, landscaping, commissioned by Des Moines Area Community College, Ankeny, IA. “2001”
“Peace, Service, Community”: Police/Fireman memorial, fountain with granite, stainless steel, and bronze, commissioned by the City of Cedar Rapids, IA. “2000”
“Nancy Neafie Memorial”: Life-size figure, welded bronze sheet, commissioned by the City of Burlington, IA. “2000”
“Lady in Bloom”: Life-size plaster, woman who is pregnant, commissioned by the Maternity Ward, Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des Moines, IA. “1999”
“Dr. Jessie Wasson Memorial”: Life-size bronze torso, commissioned by the City of La Porte City, IA. “1998”
“Field of Honor”: Eight life-size, bronze military figures, Memorial 20th Century Wars, commissioned by the Rockford Park District, Loves Park, Illinois, 2010
“A Caring Touch”: Life-size bronze, (enlargement), Donna Young Design, commissioned by Trinity Hospital, Rock Island, IL. “1997”
“George Daily Memorial”: Life-size bronze, commissioned by the George Daily Center, Oskaloosa, IA “1997”
“Haulin’ Gear”: Life-size bronze, commissioned by the City Improvement Association, Charles City, IA “1997”
“William Cay Memorial”: 16” x 18” x 6” bronze in 15’ x 15’ x 20’ landscaped quiet space, commissioned by family for Jefferson County Park, Fairfield, IA “1997
“Donor Recognition Wall”: 11’ x 4 ½’ cast ceramic and carved oak panel, commissioned by Medical and Surgical Center, Marshalltown, IA. “1996”
“An Old, Old Story”: Heroic size, bronze Indian couple walking, commissioned by Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa, IA. “1995”
“Imparting Knowledge”: Life-size bronze, Indian Chief teaching a youth, commissioned by Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa, IA. “1995”
“A Veteran’s Prayer for Eternal Peace”: 15 feet high, bronze hands in 185’ x 90’ Landscaped outdoor chapel, commissioned by Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, IA. “1994”
“Leapfrog”: Life-size bronze, commissioned by the Fairfield Public Library, Fairfield, IA. “1990”
“A Grandmother’s Garden”: Two life-size bronze figures, a child and a grandmother, landscaped share garden space, commissioned for Warren County Courthouse, Indianola, IA. “1988”
“Jack Trice”: Life-size bronze standing figure, memorial to first black football player of Ames College commissioned by Iowa State University, Ames, IA “1988”, Jack Trice Memorial Stadium.
“I Plant”: Life-size bronze torso bust of Bertha Jacobsen, a farm woman, community-minded person, gardener, and philanthropist. She is depicted smiling and planting a handful of seeds, Tama Civic Center, Tama, IA (1986)
“Generations”: 30’ x 36’ plaster relief, commissioned by the City of Fairfield, Fairfield, IA. (1985
“Mayor Chuzohara”: Life-size ceramic portrait of the Kufo City Mayor of Kufo City, Japan. “1984”
“Dancers”: Life-size plaster, Ottumwa Regional Medical Center, Ottumwa, IA. “1983
“William Coop and Friend”: Life-size bronze of two seated figures of a modern boy with a pioneer man, commissioned for the Central Park, Fairfield, IA. “1981”
“Commemorative Wall”: 8 life-size relief busts, with text of life history, of various significant priests and teachers, Loyola Academy, Wilmette, IL. (in progress)

“Arthur and Rosella Nierling Memorial”: 10 diameter bronze plaque, displaying the names of their four children around a haloed cross that is entwined by a vine of four roses. Private memorial, 2013
“Play Fight”: life size bronze fox juveniles play fighting atop a bronze log, one nestled into a burl in the log, private commission, Cedar Rapids, IA, 2012
“Maria Jira Chyle Memorial”: Bronze bust of Czechloslovakian immigrant woman, from Protivin current Czech Republic, founded Protivin, IA., cremains drawer in rear of bust, private commission. 2012
“Robb Kelley Commemorative” 2/3 life-size bronze sculpture relief of Robb Kelley, former EMC Insurance corporation chairman, president, and C.E.O., EMC Insurance building, Des Moines, Iowa, 2010
“Hidden Feather”: abstracted shape 24” x 40”underbrush and hidden turkey feather image, on wedge-shaped blood red burgundy pedestal, laser cut bronze with green to yellow patina, and browns for feather, private commission for flower and shrub garden, 2010. to yellow
“Paraclete”: 24 “ flame, copper tubing with brass screen overlay, on 8” sq. x 8” t. alabaster pedestal, mounted on walnut, two 6 ft. t. x 30” w. burgundy banners with 7 gold bar stripes and one red strip each, between accompanying stained glass windows, 1st Methodist Church, Ottumwa, IA, 2002.
“The Innovator”: 1/3 life size, bronze figure, 24”, double helix and relief, bronze 24”, stone base, 24”, composition 6’ tall, Kemin Industries, Des Moines, IA “2001”
“Diggin’ Dutchman”: Vermeer, Inc. sales awards, Vermeer logo 1/3 size torso bust of construction worker, 1/3 size torso relief bust of a construction worker on a relief background of Vermeer machinery, life size torso bust of construction worker, mounted on a rough cut block of limestone, 2002
“Angel of Knowledge”: 1/3 Life-size bronze angel mounted on granite, a cemetery monument. Private commission. “2000”
“Soaring in Grace”: 24’ x 18” bronze relief with eagle sculpture coming out from relief plane, mounted on granite; a cemetery monument. Private commission. “2000”
“Freedom”: 27” high x 31” wide x 4 ½’ deep bronze relief in curly fir frame. A young boy releasing a frog from captivity. Private commission. “1999”
“Natural Causes”: Life-size bronze relief, red-tailed hawk catching it prey. Studio Piece. “1996”
“Alice Johnston Memorial”: Life-size bronze, humming bird, gardening hand trowel & gloves, 3
roses, concrete bench. Private commission, 2008
“John Hill Memorial”: Life-size bronze on black granite, music stand on podium, with open music book and score, entwined trumpet vine with actual instrument trumpet valves for blooms, 2006
“Zack Yates Memorial” Life-size bronze on granite, open hands and shell container for commemorative memorabilia at cemetery site, 2007
“A Puzzling Moment” 27” high x 31” wide x 4 ½’ deep bronze resin relief in an oak frame. Little girl with her two dogs, sitting sprawl legged on the floor, completing a puzzle, Private commission. “2000”
“Birthday for Amy O” 24” high x 30” wide x 4 ½’ deep plaster relief in an oak frame. Young girl and her father blowing out 16 candles on a cake, Audubon School, Dubuque, IA “1986”

My works are primarily human figures and animal wildlife, classically rendered. They emphasize the importance of relationships. Those include wisdom and innocence, family members with each other, children, men and women with each other, and with their country, also, animals in their environment. In order to capture the universality of life, I carefully observe the psyche and physical interactions of my subjects, whether people or wildlife.

Naguib School of Sculpture, Beverly Shores, Indiana: Figure modeling, molding, fired ceramic, bronze casting, and stone carving under the instruction of Mustafa Naguib
University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa: Sculpture and drawing under the instruction of Julius Schmidt
University of Colorado, Denver, Colorado: Sculpture and drawing
Luther College, Decorah, Iowa Ceramic sculpture, drawing, and painting under the instruction of Dean Schwartz
• Over 35 years experience in bronze, ceramics, welded steel, wood, stone, resin, cast iron, plaster and cement.
• Works include over 50 public commissions and numerous private commissions, small reproductions, teaching, slide lectures, demonstrations, and exhibits.
• Awarded Change, Inc., grant, 1998; Adolf and Esther Gottlieg emergency Assistance grant, 1998; Artist Fellowship Inc., grant, 1999; Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant, 1999.
• Selected for an artist exchange program, Kufo City, Japan. Displayed three sculptures and created a ceramic portrait of the mayor of Kufo City.
• Awarded Numerous Iowa Arts Council grants, including a research and observation grant to interview various artists in Yugoslavia.

Kavenaugh Gallery, West Des Moines, Iowa 2004 to present, Skyline Gallery, Fairfield, Iowa 2004, Luther College Exhibition Gallery, Decorah, Iowa. 2004, Newton Sculpture Festival, Newton Iowa. 2004, Hearst Center for the Arts, Cedar Falls, Iowa. 1999, Kruse Associates, Iowa City, Iowa. 1999, Loveland Sculpture Invitational, Loveland, Colorado. 1996, 1997, 1998, Percival Galleries, Des Moines, Iowa 1997
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