Katie Bowman

Freelance Journalistic Writer & Resume Writer

Location:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
2 Skills
I have never been too confident in myself, so when graduating from college, I didn't pursue writing. Three years later, I have been going through the motions in a career field that I do not feel fulfilled in, longing to get back into writing. Through recommendation, I signed up for this website looking for freelance jobs to get me started to build my portfolio, experience and to display to others my talent.

In college I took a variety of classes including creative writing, website and blog writing, journalistic writing and everything in between. My interests always largely revolved around journalistic writing due to the characteristics it enveloped- meeting new people, researching new topics and creating an article based on my findings. I had one articles published on my colleges website and magazine which can be found at http://liberalarts.iupui.edu/features/alumni-donors/owoyele.php.

My professional experience since graduating college has been minimal. I have worked largely in the recruiting field at colleges, where I have helped students in writing admittance essays, cover letters and resumes and in interview preparation. I have greatly enjoyed this portion of my job, and it has become something that is a strong interest of mine. I like combing my writing skills to create something for an individual's future success.

In my spare time I dabble in writing blog like pieces, short stories and articles, just for fun. I also have tutored family members and outside individuals throughout the years in English, mainly helping the students in developing reports. I am quick witted in reading information and compiling it into a blog or report. Although all together, limited professional experience, my passion and talent is something that can’t be denied.