Gulab Hussain

Freelance Material Engineer & Geotechnical Engineer

Location:Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan
2 Skills

Contacts: Email:
Cell: 0092(0) 91 559 3883
0092(0) 0300 934 4354
Personal Information
Name: Gulab Hussain, Date of Birth: August 11, 1958
***: Male, Nationality: Pakistani, Marital Status: Married
Present Address: Last House Nothren Gardens Colony, near Frontier Model School
Warsak Road Peshawar, Pakistan
Permanent Address: Village: Ghundai Kalay (Hafiz Kor), P/O & Tehsil: Ekka ghund,
Mohmand Agency, Pakistan
Educational Qualification:
Basic study: Bachelor Degree in Mining engineering in the year 1987
from University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar, Pakistan
2nd Graduation: Graduate Degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from
University of Peshawar, Pakistan in the year 19983

Safety Certificate: Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Outreach safety
Training from OSHA Campus Austin, Texas, USA in 2010
Certificates of
Competency: (1) First Class Manager Certificate (2) Mine-Sirdar Certificate undr the Mines Act
1923 from Directorate of Mines and Minerals Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan.

Personal Characteristics:
1- Self-Motivated & able to take initiative
2- Having adaptability to different cultures
3- Studious & confident
4- Adjustable to various environments
5- Working ability under pressure
6- Adaptability & Organizational Citizenship

Total Professional Experience:- 23 years in Pakistan and Afghanistan

1. Company: RIGHT Choice Construction Company
Position: Safety Manager
Period: From January, 2010 to March, 2011
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Duties & responsibilities:
• Preparing safety planes for the project
• Keeping various logs relating to working environments
• Implementing safety regulation in accordance with OSHA standards
• Keeping records and writing reports of accidents and employees exposure to hazards
• Inspecting the working area before the start of the shift
• Giving safety training to skilled workers
2. Company: Mineral Testing Laboratory
Position: Senior mineral processing Engineer
Location: Hayatabad Peshawar Pakistan
Period: 2.75 years (From April 2007 to Dec 2009)
Pilot plant feasibility studies (Research) for the extraction of Gold & base metals from mineral Ore. Salient features of the process was Crushing, dry and wet grinding, Sizing and classification of material and extraction of Gold and base metals by electro wining process.
Duties & responsibilities:
• Supervising overall process Techniques and research report.
• Assisting project Director in developing projects activities in accordance with rules and regulations applicable to the project.
• Communication of project activities to donor agency from time to time.
• Arranging safety training for employees and conducting relevant workshops.
• Enforcing safety rules and regulations and providing safety guide lines to employees.
• Writing Proposals for the extension, Renovation, Modification and re-appropriation of the project

3. Company: Swat china clay (Kaolin) Company
Position: Senior manager/Mining/ Processing
Location: Swat, Pakistan
Period: 19 years (From 1988 to 2006)
Activities of the Project:- Mining and processing of Kaolin Mineral by Elutriation plant
Duties & Responsibilities:
a- Responsible for quarry production and plant operation.
b- Supervising the development of mining and processing techniques.
c- Dealing by writing and in person with the relevant departments and other
related organizations
d- Directing and supervising quarry registers and various records
e- Contributing to the wider work of the company by participating in planning and coordinating meetings as requested
f- Performing any other duties and tasks commensurate with the responsibilities and level of the post
Language skills:

Language Writing Reading Speaking Level
Pashto Yes Yes Yes Native
English Yes Yes Yes Excellent
Urdu Yes Yes Yes Excellent
Arabic Yes Yes Yes Beginner
Dari Yes Yes Yes Beginner

Computer skills:
(1) - Operation of Computer (2) - Working with Internet (3) - MS Word (4) MS project (5) - Excel,
(6) - E-mail, downloading and File attachments (7) - Necessary Software Installations
Other skills:
Photocopier Machine Operation, Scanning, Printing

1- Cengiz Aslan: President, Right-choice Construction Company, Kabul, Afghanistan.
Cell: +93(0)799127498

2- Engr. WAZIR Mohammad: Project Director, (MoST) Mineral Testing Laboratory
164-C Industrial Estate Hayat abad Peshawar, Pakistan,
Cell No: +92(0)306 599 6972

3- Jahan Zeb Khan: General Manager, Swat China Clay (pvt), Ltd. Swat, Pakistan.
Cell: +92 (0)300 907 9695