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Freelance Drawer & Painter

Location:Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
Phone: 715-839-1126
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In 1991, when I was 14, I did my first paid commission: a pencil portrait for a friend of my mom. It took off from there. Since that time, I have done hundreds of paintings and drawings for clients. My goal has always been to completely satisfy and bring my client's vision alive, whether it be a portrait of a loved one or a unique concept they want illustrated.

I paint with several translucent layers of color to build up a richness and depth that gives the surface a glowing, effervescent quality. I approach drawing with a similar layered textural technique, using several directions of cross-hatching to enhance realism. While doing paintings and drawings for others, I thoroughly enjoy the process of collaborating with them to find out what they want, and then create an original work of art just for them--that they and their loved ones will treasure for a lifetime!

Since God gave me my talent to do art, I believe it is only natural to use it to bless others and
bring glory to Him. Although I have had many mentors, including my art teachers and art associates over the years, my ultimate inspiration is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He died to give me life, so I want to spend my life using my talent to enrich the lives of others.

Currently, I live in Eau Claire, WI with my wife and two children. I enjoy participating in my church and serving in a few different areas: playing bass in the worship band, singing in the choir, assisting in the children's ministry and assisting teachers at Bethel Christian School. This year, I look forward to doing more shows while painting and drawing plein-air--from life in public places, drawing inspiration from the beauty around me in the Chippewa Valley.

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Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2014 3:06 AM
Subject: sister's reaction~

Hi Matt, I just wanted to let you know you can post the picture! We gave the drawing to my sister Friday night, and her reaction was so much more than I EVER could have imagined. She knew exactly what it was immediately, and was just in awe of every little detail--her husband, too. One of the first questions she asked me was, "Was it drawn by him?" And I said yes it was. She never has stopped talking about the first time she saw the portrait you did of Bob, so I knew she meant you and she knew I'd know she meant you. She just couldn't figure out how that memory was drawn to such perfection. She kept saying she couldn't even begin to explain how much she loved it. She really appreciated the whole way it came about, and she said a couple different times she was so proud to have something actually done by you. Matt, you'll really appreciate this--she looked at me and said, "I love it so much I want to take it to heaven with me." I thought you can't get much of a better compliment than that!! She has company coming over this weekend and says she just can't wait to show everybody who comes through her door. She laughed and cried over and over about the whole thing and we had a great sister evening. They both commented on all the little perfect details, like the glasses on her head, she said, "that's me! I always have glasses on my head!" She just couldn't get over how one could tell without a doubt that was their property as well. The biggest thing she just couldn't get over was how that memory she had was brought to life so perfectly through your drawing. There is no doubt in my mind that that drawng is going to be loved through many generations in her family. So, thank you one last time, Matt, for all your talent and hard work you put into every detail of that drawing to make it the treasure that it is for both myself and my sister~~ Pam :)
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