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Bernadette Lynn Carty

Freelance Ad Designer & Billboard Designer

Location:Cypress, Texas, United States
Phone: 2818153273
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I draw and paint people, I like doing it most. I can draw other things like animals and places and your occasional bowl of fruit! I try to render my art in pencil, pen, paint, stitches; yes even sewing by hand, as close as I can to the people look as I can with a clear picture.
I learn on my own how to draw and paint, really but I did attend the Art Institute of Houston without graduating. I did not had enough money to continue. The AIH happen back when I was younger.And sometime after that I attend Houston Community College but did not complete it! I am now married, with 5 kids and planning on going back to school in the future! But I need a job in what I love to do and that is ART! God Given Gift!
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Ad Design
Billboard Design