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Tina Whittimore

Freelance Website Designer, Website Programmer, & More

Location:Elizabethton, Tennessee, United States
4 Skills

Tri Cities Web Solutions specializes in the following areas:
• Website Design (Desktop and Mobile)
• Graphical Design
• Flyer Design
• Logo Creation
• Business Cards
• Magazine Advertisements
• Search Engine Ready Website
• Shopping Cart Vendor Setup
• Setting up your website to accept Credit Cards online
• Working with your vendors for product pictures and text
• Setting up your inventory in your accounting system
• Accounting services are also available

Our main goal is your PROFIT (and, of course, your happiness)! We work as partners, one-on-one, with our clients and feel more like employees rather than a separate business. We are committed each month to handling your marketing while you handle your business. We do not "sell - build - and forget". We maintain your web presence for you while you run your business.

Custom Web Designs $300
Web Pages $25/ea.
Shop Cart Setups $300
Monthly Maint: Depends
Basic SEO Services: FREE!
Extended SEO: Depends

******** TESTIMONIALS *********
Ooohhh I like what you did with the new resin pictures! Added some part shots to go with them… Nice! What is going on is great. This is more than I expected the site to do. It looks good… I can make the letters bigger and all our new customers from around the world can read it in their language. How much better could it get? It’s actually way better now than I expected it to be when I was imagining it.
Tyler Teague

We at Dave’s Family Camping have been well pleased with our website. Tina has done a terrific job and we have gotten a lot of compliments, which in turn has increased our business. A lot of our clients have booked a site with us, where otherwise would have chosen another campground. I feel using Tina a Tri-Cities Web solutions would increase your business greatly.
Dave’s Family Camping

Hi Tina - just a note to thank you for the great work you've done in the past and continue to do for us on our website. We've had many customers compliment us on the layout and ease of navigation. Your constant attention to keeping the site up with current formats is a huge help. Thanks again,
Mike Patton, Mike's Westside Rental - Graham, Texas

Tina at Tri-Cities Web Solutions has been instrumental in setting up our training website and shopping cart. We are thrilled with the website and our students, now, have an easy to use and efficient way to submit their course work. Tina’s knowledge and expertise is very impressive. She worked with me throughout the build process and answered my questions quickly. She took note of the features and elements I wanted to include while offering valuable guidance and advice. Without question, I would recommend Tri-Cities Web Solutions and Tina to anyone who needs a web designer who can come in and hit the ground running.
Chaplain Dan,
UCFM Chaplain Ministries

To me, Tina is a one-woman computer version of "The cavalry is coming." When I call her, I know she will answer my questions, be they ho-hum or off-beat. Even when not asked, she stays on top of things, working behind the scenes to make my website image better or to check if I need to write a new blog entry. As a classic non-techie, I struggle to do the simplest tasks, like changing a photo or video on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. So I appreciate Tina as my "go-to" for all things computer. Besides her dependability, she keeps her customers happy with reasonable prices and top-notch work.
Beth Fine

Our website was in shambles from neglect, unprofessional maintenance and a great reduction in repeat visitors just to name a few of the problems we encountered prior to our contract with Tri-Cities Web Solutions. Since we selected T-CWS our daily visitors to the redesigned website has tripled. But more importantly each and every problem has quickly been addressed and repaired very quickly. That has meant less than .0001 % down time for us! Did I mention that our budget did not allow us to take full advantage of the services offered. However, we got far more that we paid for without complaints!
Sincerely, Rev Glyn Lovell-Senior Pastor, United Christian Faith Ministries

We were looking for a company that would update our old website and found Tri-Cities Solutions in 2010. Tina is honest and easy to work with, she understands what you are looking for before you do. I thank God for her, as we are revamping the website again. She is very knowledgeable and works very hard to make her customers happy.
Melissa Holmes-Office Manager
Standard Transmission & Gear, Inc.

Tina, I possibly have not said how much I appreciate your help and working on my web site. You do a great job. Hope all will with you and family. Thanks!
Bob Light

The search results are really good, and when I can’t find HRH in the searches then AP is right there in the top ten. You do a great job, Tina, and you are appreciated more than you know. Thank you.
Gray Fredrick, owner of American Powertrain

Tri-Cities Web Solutions is a highly motivated and creative company. They will work hard to meet your business needs and your budgetary requirements. I highly recommend their services and can honestly say that I know they will work diligently on your behalf.
Edward Phillips, Attorney at Law

I am thankful we are working together and glad you are so easy to work with while developing my website. You have helped me learn and think about things while starting up this business and I really appreciate it.
Katy Barker - Harvest Acres Farm

I don’t know if you know how lucky you are that we work so well together. Between Shafi’s craziness and Dana’s lack of understanding I used to have to go through 5-10 revisions of every flyer. It is a pleasure to work with you.
Gray Fredrick, owner of American Powertrain

Working with Tina is truly a pleasure. She is committed to bringing you to the web and does so with speed and ease. Thanks Tina, for getting us rolling.
Scott Mancl, Electro Motor LLC