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Leah Vinas

Freelance Portrait Painter, Landscape Painter, & More

Location:Lucena, Quezon, Philippines
4 Skills
Leah E.Vinas

I am looking for work opportunities as an artist to explore my natural talent. I can draw, pencil sketch realistic portraits and oil on canvas realistic paintings. I started drawing as a child. I learned how to draw before I leared how to read and write. I always dream of making sculptures.

I always like work related to art and creativity. I am a visual artist, specializing in oil-on-canvas portraits per my client’s desires. I can visualize what my clients want.
I learned from actual experience and teaching myself.

I taught myself how to use Google Sketch & AutoCAD Sketch-Up for building house with furniture.

My desire is to work in a company where I can use my artistic skills.
I am creative and reliable, loyal, flexible, trustworthy, open minded, easy to work with and trainable.

As a single mom I worked in a different jobs but I always work in a creative way , either from cooking, housekeeping or house cleaning.

I am a quick learner.
I am self motivated, intelligent , articulate and work with passion to be the best of what I do.
I can follow new instructios to improved my knowledge.
I believed that everyone was born unique and with different skills.

I am ready for a challenging opportunity.
I give my assurance that I can do the job that is related to art. Thank you