Freelance Photo Editor & Print Ad Designer

Location:Corona, California, United States
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To be an asset to my employer.

Currently, I am a supervisor and imaging operator in the Prepress Dept. of the company I am with. I have been with this company for over 20 years. As such I have worked with many clients and learned to listen and ask questions to get all of their comments to really understand what the desired end product is to be and to achieve it as quickly as possible. The clients I have worked with include everything from the auto, travel, entertainment and fashion industry. It has also included annual reports for companies that range from industrial and architecture to farming and golfing.

I work in Photoshop on a daily basis. I have worked in Photoshop since 1993 when Photoshop 4 was released. I work in CMYK and RGB for color and retouching corrections. I work can work in a varity of formats and am an expert in preparing files for printing as well as working images for web work also.

Prior to my Photoshop experience I worked on a Scitex Prismax making digital color corrections, retouching and stripping. The Prismax was the best system on the market at the time and was the standard prior to Photoshop 4. I also was a dot etcher and a proofer before advancing to the Scitex and then Photoshop. These past experiences have given me the foundation for color and understanding how to get good color and contrast.

Other Experience
I have worked other second jobs in the past so I have been able to be reliable to both employers.

I have worked for several photographers on varies projects when they needed assistance in completing their work to meet a deadline. Most notably I have worked with Gene Sasse Photography doing both color corrections, retouching and outlines.
I worked for Jack In the Box as a Mystery shopper from 2000-2003. This is a position where I would go to multiple restaurants and check for quality of service, quality of product and cleanliness of restaurant. I would then have to write and send in a through report on my experience of each restaurant. This program was removed by Jack In the Box in 2003.
I worked for RCI consulting in 2002. I would attend time share meetings and evaluate their presentation of the materials, their friendliness and how aggressive they were. I would have to do this without their knowledge that I was evaluating them and then write and send in a through report. Once I had made reports on the varies locations my services were no longer needed.
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Photo Editing
Print Ad Design