Rachel Cotton

Freelance Photographer & Outdoor Photograper

Location:Rock Springs, Wyoming, United States
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I am a High School Senior, who enjoys photography. I am pursuing a photography degree in the fall at BYU-Idaho. I have been taking senior, scenic, wedding, and engagement photos for the past several years. I have low rates due to my age and experience, but have been told on numerous occasions that my work equals that of a professional. Pictures, have the unique ability to preserve a single moment in time, and capture a second that can never again be regained. It is through photographs, that much of history has been preserved. It is my goal, to construct a living legacy of the world around me. I want to share my own phenomenon of liberty, with the rest of the world, that can be found solely within this western atmosphere. My goal, is to allow the majesty of the world around me, speak for itself. I want to give the opportunity for people all over the nation, who do not possess the same luxuries as I do, to individually be able to experience a small piece of heaven. I want to create a legacy that will enhance remembrance within current and future generations, that otherwise, would be forgotten.
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Outdoor Photography