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Nicholas Grauert

Freelance News Photographer & Journalistic Photographer

Location:Greater Northwest (Idaho, Washington, Oregon), United States
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I have a flair for the artistic- difficult to recreate- shots. I use income from my work to fund equipment and trips so that I can continue to expand my portfolio for everyone's enjoyment. Working for National Geographic would be my dream job- this is just the first step in some day achieving that dream.
I like to remind people that photography is still an art- that not everyone is a photographer, even if they do have expensive cameras. I want to give people something to stop and admire- even if it is something they've seen a thousand times during their busy, chaotic lives. Show people the beauty in their everyday lives that they would normally pass by.
I will gladly take on new photography tasks! As you can see, I mostly focus on nature and abstract work. I will however take on whatever you would like to throw my way! I have experience in landscapes, macro/detail, architecture, portraiture, weddings, animals, and children.