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Marc Gonzales

Freelance Animator & Animal Illustrator

Location:Salinas, California, United States
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Name: Marc Michael Gantuangco Gonzales.

Experienced muralist, unique original art, abstract designs, comical art, painting, blank walls, layering, textures, tempura, acrylics, sharpies, brush, pen, fine pen, bold ink, mechanical pencil, permanent marker, professional charcoal work, paint tablets, excellent watercolor work, #2 pencils, no erasers, freestyle, extremely meticulous detail work, landscapes, nature, creatures,concepts, expressions, angles, science fiction, Life, Time, Creation, Art. I am an intermediate freelance artist with a powerful imagination who is confident that my skills and love for art will not let you down.


Passion for 18 years.

1st place art contest, sunflower's book club "Say no to drugs." 1997. Salinas, CA
1st place winner of mural competition 4 years in a row. N.S.H.S. 2002-2006. Salinas, CA

Art History @ Hartnell Community College
Drawing 101 course taken @ Hartnell Community College
Design course taken @ Hartnell Community College
Painting @ Hartnell Community College

Active local artist from Salinas, California. @ Somo's
"School Yard Antics 3" Showcasing urban art work on two 4X8 ft surfaces.

Live art work experience, Salinas, California.

Painted business logos. (Salinas Internet Cafe) In Capitol view,
Malolos Bulacan, Luzon, Philippines. Aug, 2010.

I have worked on many freelance projects and designs with a wide variety of mediums.
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Animal Illustration