Nicole Pike

Freelance Drawer & Painter

Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Bachelor of Education, Masters of Teaching Program (Fall 2007- Winter2009)
University of Calgary, Alberta
• Developed a strong understanding for how to create effective lesson plans based on learning objectives, scaffolding and planned outcomes.
• Facilitated six seminars regarding and multiple-level classrooms, stereotyping, motivation, self-harm, racism, as well as art integration into core subjects.
• Developed and incorporated lesson plans that encompass inquiry based learning and promoted intrinsic motivation for learning.
• Completed over 540 hours in both traditional and non-traditional teaching environments including junior high, secondary school and an art centre with focus on personal growth and interest.

Bachelor of Developmental Visual Fine Art (Fall 2002-Winter 2007)
University of Calgary, Alberta
• Completed a degree in fine arts with a major in developmental visual arts through five years of studying in thirty art courses and with a significant emphasis in art and its relationship to contemporary society and culture.
• Developed a conceptual understanding of the visual arts, which further developed a foundation of knowledge and practice of artistic self-sufficiency and discipline.
• Refined a personal relationship with the creative process and processes of planning in order to carry out various studio interests and how best to teach art in secondary schools.
• Developed advanced skills in many diverse areas of creative expression such as painting and photography with a primary focus on both drawing and sculpture.
• Developed and demonstrated a high sense of self-motivation through two independent studies in sculpture and successfully finishing, showing and selling $5000.00 of my own art work which I continue to do as a private business.
• The first person in their first year of study to ever receive an Independent Thought Award for innovative and creative realizations.

Small Business Owner (Sep 2009-present)
Imagination on Location Calgary, Alberta
• Gained experience developing personalized lesson plans while instructing one on one art classes
• Directed fun interactive art based activities for private students needing idea generation techniques
• Guided students in preparing portfolios for University and Collage applications
• Ongoing independent commissions of artwork
Volunteer Home School Art Teacher (Fall 2006)
Art Student Society University of Calgary, Alberta
• Co-ordinated and coached art lessons to 15 home schooled children through the careful preparation and execution of designed lesson plans allowing all of the students to receive necessary credits to continue home schooling and graduate.
• Developed and conducted lessons revolving around print making, drawing and sculpture under a strict materials budget and within a strict time period by closely monitoring each and maintaining an active awareness of expenditures and related fiscal records.
Mobile Seed Survivor Educator
Agrium Inc., Calgary Alberta (Spring 2009-present)
• Travelled to multiple schools delivering multimedia presentations to students of multiple ages ranging from grades 1-9.
• Operator of Interactive learning displays that encourages students to learn about growing plants and the components of healthy soil through fun activities.
• Encouraged students to participate in active hands on learning activities such as the watershed display and kineasthetic learning games.
• Guided groups of students through the trailer of multiple games and activities including groups of special needs students ranging from severe physical disabilities to severe cognitive disabilities.
Corporate Trainer (2005-2007)
Petland, Calgary, Alberta
• Gained leadership experience by planning and teaching customer ‘Service Enthusiast’ and ‘Gold Star Management’ Petland University courses, successfully trained 4 classes of approximately 25 people, ranging from young adult to senior, with an average class score of 90%.
Pets For Life Foundation Fundraiser Co-ordinator (2003-present)
Pets For Life Foundation, Calgary, Alberta
• Annually, for the last five years, organized, advertised and ran a fundraising bake sale for the Pets for Life Foundation successfully raising over $3000.00.
• Participated in annual dog washes to raise money for the foundation and veterinarian bills for spaying, neutering and micro-chipping rescued animals.
• Evolved independent organizational skills by facilitating more than 50 animal rescues in Pincher Creek and Brocket through careful selection and arrangement of volunteers and transportation as well as effective community relations to ensure safe and effective execution of foundation goals while maintaining a positive community image.
• Gained leadership experience by organizing and co-ordination with other local rescue groups as well as veterinarians.
• Helped run spay/ neuter clinics in Pincher Creek on the Standoff reserve which lead to successfully educating hundreds of local residents on their importance of getting their animals vetted and altered. This lead to over 150 dogs and cats being altered.

Grades 10-12 Fine Art and Legal Studies 30 Practicum Teacher (Fall 2008)
Ernest Manning High School, Calgary Alberta
• Successfully established positive relationships with special needs and at- risk students by ensuring learning needs and styles were met through individual, differentiated lesson plans.
• Organized and instructed the environmental law module for legal studies 20 and 30 by designing creative and innovative lesson plans that met and went above the legal studies curriculum requirements.
• Gained experience in the field of classroom management and an understanding of the importance of setting clear expectations for students.
• Managed three multiple-level classes with two classes consisting of art 10, 20, 30, 35 and communications and technology, and a legal studies class with 20’s and 30’s.
• Gained experience with the IPP process for specialized and individualized programs.
Grades 5-9 Fine Art, English and Religion Studies Practicum Teacher (Winter 2008)
St. Vincent de Paul Elementary Jr. High School, Calgary Alberta
• Integrated fine arts activities into language arts lesson plans such as idea generation activities like tone writing and visual imagery projects.
• Adapted lesson plans for four different special needs students including major physical and mental disabilities through careful revision of lesson plans to suit their specific needs.
• Facilitated and participated in the extracurricular creation of a set design for the annual Christmas play.
• Established trusting relationships with students allowing them to feel comfortable taking risks with their art as well as their verbal expressions about art.
• Developed a Ten Commandments project for a grade seven religion class that encompassed and encouraged creative ways of presentation including film, power point presentations, and art work.

Work Placement Practicum (Fall 2007)
Wild Flower Art Centre, Calgary AB
• Completed more than 70 hours of diverse teaching experience in a non-traditional setting with ages ranging from three to eighty.
• Gained experience with older adult learning by teaching three adult beginner sculpture classes.
• Observed learning in many stages by both participating and watching toddler dance classes from the beginning of the semester to the end.
• Helped facilitate an older youth beginner painting class through careful development of lesson planning and preparation.
• Observed five different instructors teach classes to varying ages and diverse subjects with students of differing technical abilities and actively applied observations in own lessons.

Active Public Relations/ Broadcast Media Representative
Pets for Life Foundation, Calgary, Alberta (2006-present)
• Established and maintain a positive, cooperative and forward thinking relationship with the media to find rescue animals permanent and forever homes.
• Actively appears on Global TV segments bringing the more desperate rescued animals on air to find them a home with 100% success rate.
• Developed a great understanding that the responsibilities of having a public image extends into daily life.
• Educated viewers on the importance of adopting rescue animals, their proper care as well as spaying and neutering their current pets.
• School Presentation and Birthday Party Facilitator (2002-present)
Petland, Calgary, Alberta
• Established and maintained business relationships with schools and individual clients through annual and semi-annual presentations where clients have specifically requested me to present educational seminars on pets and pet care.
• Taught and presented in small and large groups on a wide variety of pets and pet care methods to more than 1500 students, children and adults over the last 5 years.

Assistant Manager
Petland, Calgary, Alberta (April 2009-present)
• Responsible for all store operations.
• Successfully implemented motivational tools such as the gold star program for bonuses and staff appreciation.
• Was responsible for daily, weekly and monthly financial reports being complete and correct.
• Ensured that payroll was complete and on time.
• Facilitated two major guest service tools for staff to refer too, a call back program for all adopted animals as well as an easy use reference guide for all animals basic needs, training etc.
Supervisor (Sept 2002- 2009)
Petland, Calgary, Alberta
• Established the respected position of employee, supervisor, and management trainer for over six years of dedicated service training and both the successful completion and in turn teaching of Petland university courses.
• Entrusted with the responsibility of recruiting and selecting new staff and through the use of progressive discipline, coaching staff with challenges through those challenges to the best possible outcome for both the staff member as well as the company.
• Maintain the quality of the corporate mission statement of being dedicated to enhancing customer knowledge about their pets through careful education about the animal and information for all of the necessary products to ensure proper animal husbandry and longevity.

• Acquired skills in being an independent and practising artist when contracted by the Nickel Arts Museum to create an interactive metal replica of an ancient Peruvian royal mask for their Ancient Peru exhibition held in 2006-2007 to aid in the engagement of students visiting the exhibition.
• Organized and facilitated annual independent art shows showcasing my own original work.
• Participated in community outreach and gained self motivation by organizing and administrating fund raising events for the registered non-profit Pets for Life Foundation.
• Gained a strong sense of compassion for a variety of indigenous wildlife species when volunteering at the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society from 2000-2002.
• Organized and participated in a university campus-wide project to bring together different faculties through a series of events with the cumulative event being a gallery opening for which I was responsible for the design, construction and advertising.
• Developed self motivation and professional drive while creating and running my own small business Imagination on Location.

• Deeply enjoy making metal, clay and plaster sculptures as well as painting and drawing
• Keeping a 100 gallon saltwater fish tank
• A love and passion to care for all animals including the menagerie at home
• Volunteering with rescue societies
• Watching documentaries
• Participating and observing the act of discovery
• Collecting antiques and the tangible connection to history they represent
• Running
• Muay Thai kickboxing
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