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Tanya Besmehn

Freelance Article Writer & Screenwriter

Location:Dana Point, California, United States
Phone: 571-278-8725
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Tanya Besmehn

Full Length Feature Screenplays:

Three college graduates determined to kick tail in the business world are blindsided when reality lands the first punch. (Comedy)

Friday’s Child
A woman dedicated to finding adoptive homes for older kids seems destined to lose everything else in the process. (Thriller)

MerryXmas (previously optioned)
An estranged couple on the threshold of divorce must reunite with their unsuspecting family at Christmas time. (Dramedy)

Bad Habits
Two young nuns with conflicting personalities are dispatched on a mission to bring hope to wayward young women. All hell’s gonna break loose. (Dramedy)

King of Beasts
A motley crew of beasts, including a lion whom has clearly lost his royal mojo - duke it out on reality TV for the coveted title of “King of Beasts.” (Animation, family)

Easy Street
A tangle of love, life, and career strands derail four thirty-somethings. It’s anything but easy! (Comedy)

A syndicate debt forces an A-list Hollywood director to sacrifice his career to save his skin. (Comedy)

Whack the Dog
A lily white Irish kid from Hoboken pursues his dream to grow up and become a Mafia hit man. (Comedy)

Family Outing
A couple must rethink their conservative ways when the love of their daughter’s life, Michael, turns out to be Michelle. (Comedy)

Glampfire Girls
Two sisters in need of quick cash transform their rundown summer camp into a glamp. (Comedy)

A Gold Mended Life (adaptation: A Gold Mended Life by: Carolyn Stegman)
A woman on the brink of her golden years discovers cracks in the foundation of her life, and finds the only way to repair it is to start over. (Drama)


Becoming John Doe

The Waiting Room

Ms. Besmehn was recently optioned by Make It Happen Productions for her TV Pilot/Cable Miniseries SUNDOWN.

Television Pilots
Three attractive women find there is new life after 40. (Dramedy)
*Midtown was recognized as a quarter-finalist by Scriptapalooza, a national screenwriting contest.

A gaggle of grumpy gramps and hot grannies while away the golden years in the halls of Sundown with a promise of Retirement In Paradise. (Comedy)

Bad Habits
Two novice nuns – an oil and holy water combination – live life, or something like it, in a New England convent. (Dramedy)

Ms. Besmehn is an experienced media contributor with press appearances that include and numerous national and local market TV and radio spots including:
• Good Morning San Francisco
• News Channel Eight – Washington, D.C.
• WJLA – Washington, D.C.
Print articles written by, or about, the writing team have appeared in:
• Entrepreneurial Magazine
• Washington Post
• Washington Business Journal
Co-Writer of the book Money Making Moms: How Work at Home Can Work for You (1997, 1998 Citadel Press – Carol Publishing).
Tanya Besmehn has studied extensively under the direction of Yale University Film Studies Program lecturer, Marc Lapadula.
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