Fred Werquin

Freelance Ad Designer & Product Photographer

Location:New Iberia, Louisiana, United States
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* Responsible for package development and project management activities to assure timely and cost effective launches of products, promotions, and maintenance of business activities while identifying new and improved methods

* Oversaw design of all company brand labels; more than 300 domestically; and hundreds more internationally. Major brands include Louisiana Gold®, Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce, Bruce's Yams®, Bruce’s® products, Casa Fiesta®, Cajun Injector®, Cajun King® and Mexene®

* Conceptualized and designed initial packaging directions, then handed over to designers to complete

* Collaborated with Engineering, Marketing team and Purchasing to ensure objectives are met within cost, schedule, and retail limitations

* Built and maintained relationships with suppliers in Asia

* Managed outside freelancers and design agencies

* Developed and implemented Quality programs and standards for the Graphics process

* Worked with plant staff to solve packaging production issues

* Traveled to vendor plants to assure quality assurance of packaging being printed

* Managed project work to assure projects were delivered on time

* Saved Bruce Foods hundreds of thousands of dollars in production costs for labels, flyers, sales materials and website

* Problem solver, out-of-the-box thinker

* Coordinated various checks and balances during the entire graphics process from initial private brand customer design to the final graphics product to be produced

* Worked best with challenges; driven to provide the very best outcome for projects

* Supervised internal and external advertising staff and resources

* Know regulatory issues/laws/requirements pertaining to selling goods abroad

* Know FDA guidelines for food packaging

* Reviewed and approval of designs, concepts and sample layouts

* Provided photography for consumer food product packaging vignettes, recipes and hard goods items

* Supplied photography, technical drawings for fryers, smokers and grills

* Provided bilingual manuals for the French English Canadian hard goods market

* Customer service representative for French Speaking customers for Bruce Foods, referred by Philippe Gustin, Le Centre International de Lafayette

* Liaison with SDV Paris (distributor) for Bruce Foods Corporation

* Know and understand protocol for working with government dignitaries

* Passion for the French language

* While at CODOFIL, coordinated travel arrangements to Lafayette by the Department of Foreign Affairs for the French ministry, the Congrés Mondial Acadien and the French consul from New Orleans, also creating schedules for appearances, meetings and excursions for said dignitaries

* Worked with Sen. Cecil Picard and other state officials, local judges and other local officials such as Jean Robert Frigault, while soliciting donations and memberships for the Fondation CODOFIL (now the Fondation Louisiane)


* Directed commercials for Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce and Cajun Injector

* Worked with Food Network’s “Unwrapped” programs for Bruce’s Yams (2002) and Cajun Injector (2005), taking professional photography of food products

* Took professional photographs for Rick Brown with BBQ America for use as a DVD cover and as images for recipes in a recipe book


* Saw the need for an Art Department at Bruce Foods. Materials created by outside agencies were not consistent in color, artwork or design direction. I wanted to bring it in house to improve and then make artwork available to suppliers, our sales force and others in house who might need print-ready materials. I created an action plan and presented it to the CEO to create the company’s art department.

* Brought website in house (Bruce Foods) and revamped to fit company’s brand image. Expanded site to provide an Art Center for food brokers and sales people.

* Designed tracking system to accommodate printed labels and packaging for easier retrieval

* Developed photography skills in stylized photography (for food) and brought photography in house, to both reduce costs and improve quality of visuals. Shots used for web, packaging and advertising at local, state and national levels. Photography also used for on-site food booths and as art for trade/food shows

* Created Le Menu Francais™, providing French menus to tourists and providing brochures available in the U.S. and internationally indicating which restaurants accommodated French tourists with French menus


* Recipient of 7 national design awards (2 in 2009, 2 in 2010 and 3 in 2011), 3 in package design and 4 in graphic design


* 16 years knowledge of design programs such as Adobe Suite: Illustrator, Go Live, Photoshop, InDesign; QuarkXPress and Microsoft Office

* PC and Macintosh

* Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Messenger, VOIP


Bachelor of Science degree - Marketing

University of Louisiana at Lafayette (formerly USL) 1994

Advanced Design Training

World Web Design, Seattle, WA; sponsored by Thunder Lizard

Dynamic Graphics, Baton Rouge, LA

Label Production Seminar, Chicago, IL; sponsored by Fort Dearborn Printing
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