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Michael Stanford

Freelance Mural Painter & Illustrator

Location:Jacksonville, Oregon, United States
Phone: 530-887-9360
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POBox 442
Cave junction, Oregon, 97523
(530) 887-9360

San Jose State University
San Jose, Ca. Graduated 1990 Industrial Design

Accomplished illustration, graphic, and mural artist, with skills ranging throughout the design and production spectrum. I have been trained in the field of Production and Industrial Design and understand how to bring ideas from planning, to construction, to completion. I work well with other trades and clients and am know for meeting my deadlines.

My other skills include rough and finish carpentry, fine plaster finishes, drafting, wood carving, cabinetry, and large scale wall murals.

This is not a complete account of projects completed, but is a condensed outline of the past 16 years.
Collective Employers: Paradise Beach Club, Sunset Bar and Grill, Shine on Productions, Sunrise Landscaping, Ozone Products, JMC John Mourier Const., City of Roseville Ca., City of Folsom Ca., Albertsons, Blaylocks Technology, City of Exeter Ca., What’s the Scoop restaurant, Merchant & Main Bar and Grill, Venita Rheas restaurant, California Juice Co., Robbers Roost restaurant, Brightons Collectibles, Sutton Const., Todd Remme Const., Vaca Valley Christian Center, Family Christian center, Jubilee Christian Center, Zion Church of Praise, Abundant Life Fellowship, San Jose Const., American Enginering as well as many home-owners to numerous to list.

In an attempt to keep this short I have provided key construction jobs and their contact numbers ( when available) that have been performed recently and in the past.

Sanctuary remodel of Zion Church of Praise, Fremont Ca. June 2003
Contact Mitch Sadler (408) 986-8711

Private home for Matt Thatcher, Orangevale, Ca. October 2002
Contact (916) 996-2268

Jubilee Christian Center sanctuary remodel. San Jose Ca. July 2001
Contact Pastor Dick Bernal (408) 262-0900

Robbers Roost Restaurant construction. Foresthill, Ca. May 1998
Contact Jim Paul (530)267-2433

John Mourier Construction. Roseville, Ca. March 1996
Contact John Mourier (916) 782-8879

Please forgive the crudeness of this addition to my resume, but it appears I have lost that file and do not have the time yet to re-type this information. I have pulled an old resume from a past artist call that was returned to me and will now briefly add some of the major jobs since 1998.

Designer, Mural Artist, and General contractor May 1998 – Oct 2005
Two murals commissioned by Gary Hammner owner of Folsom Plymouth Dodge dealership to be placed in there auto showroom. Mural commissioned by James Cooper director of the Mid-Town Murals project on the corner of 17th and Capitol, Sacramento. A Theme construction remodel commissioned by Dennis Hazelton for the Holiday Inn in Fortuna, Ca. Three Theme construction projects for Bay area churches, one commissioned by Pastor David Crohn for Vaca Valley Christian life center Vacaville Ca., second for Pastor Dick Bernal for Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, Ca. And a third for Family Christian Center, Orangevale, Ca. Theme construction remodel for owner Bob Tooke, Merchant and Main bar and grill, Vacaville, Ca. Mural commission by the Chamber of Commerse ,Exeter, Ca. Mural commissioned by Viola Wrigley, Auburn, Ca. Mural commissioned by Randy Peters owner of Venita Rheas restaurant, Rocklin, Ca. Mural commissioned for Folsom parks and recreation for there Susquincentenial celebration, contact Sandy Hilton.Mural commissioned for California Juice Co., now Eden Valley restaurant, Auburn, Ca. Commissioned to do Theme construction for owner Mark Turtletop through Todd Remme construction, Orchis Island, Washington.

This does not include numerous private residences that were also accomplished during this time.
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Mural Painting