Ed Oppenheimer

Freelance Technical Project Manager & Proposal Writer

Location:Reston, Virginia, United States
2 Skills

Mr. Oppenheimer has thirty (30) years of professional experience, Twenty six (26) years within the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) industry and 4 years of military computer simulations. Before founding Thought Matrix Consulting in March of 2005, Mr. Oppenheimer worked 10 years as consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton focusing on the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) implementations nationwide. EBT is a debit application for needs-based electronic payments systems used by State Governments. These implementations consisted of both magnetic and smart card applications for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps). Before working with Booz Allen Mr. Oppenheimer worked in the EFT industry where he designed, developed, tested, and implemented numerous on-line and batch applications for all areas of the EFT industry including EBT, credit cards, debit cards, checks, travel and entertainment cards, and private label card systems. Mr. Oppenheimer has 4 years experience managing computer engineers developing real time on-line financial applications.

II. Experienced Consultant

Mr. Oppenheimer wrote numerous successful proposals for State and Federal Governments. These proposals (Federal proposals for US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Interior, US Department of State, many others; State proposals for Wyoming, Wisconsin, Vermont, and others) included contract types of time and material, firm fixed price, and cost plus fixed fee. Expert skills used for proposals include MS Word, Excel, Visio, Project, writing, and a keen sense of managing opportunities and resources. Mr. Oppenheimer managed and wrote the cost proposals creating easily understood excel spreadsheets and clear, precise assumptions. All multiples conformed to potential client expectations and FAR regulations.

III. Experience with EBT, Testing, and Technical Document Review

Currently Thought Matrix Consulting (TMC) (Mr. Oppenheimer’s consulting firm) has several WIC engagements with the Federal Government (through a Booz Allen subcontract). TMC served Wyoming (WY) starting in April 2007 for WY Department of Health, Community and Rural Health Division, Women, Infants and Children Program and Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (from WY Department of Family Services (DFS)). TMC won the quality assurance contract in August 2005 and successfully completed the project in 2007. Major milestones included approving deliverables, and completing tasks on time and on budget such as:

• Review and approve detailed designs of State host and EBT platform
• Review and approve specifications for the planned smart card
• Review and approve the specifications for the WIC clinic card reader (VeriFone Vx570)
• Review and approve the transition plan
• Successful conversion of the current WIC EBT platform
• Wrote and enforced a project plan (Microsoft Project)

Currently TMC has a subcontract with Booz Allen and Hamilton. Under that subcontract and for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) division Mr. Oppenheimer has:

• Performed full code review of MPSC SAM system to determine robustness
• Analyzed smart card reader for security concerns expressed by FNS
• Analyzed and reported on feasibility of smart card reversal and adaption of EMV specs
• Provided QA and technical support for the on-line Michigan WIC EBT system
• Provided QA services for Nevada on-line WIC implementation
• Provided Technical review and QA services for Chickasaw Nation WIC EBT
• Provided technical support for the X9 committee creating the ANSI specification for on-line and off-line WIC EBT transactions
• Provided ad-hoc support for various WIC EBT technical issues

TMC just completed a two year (22 month) assignment with Maximus, Inc. providing QA services to the States of Virginia and West Virginia for their WIC EBT project. Some of the tasks completed during that assignment include:

• Helping to integrate three web based applications sharing data in real time
• Creating automated tools to evaluate result data (usually VB and macros in Excel)
• Leading the UAT and providing reports on the results of the test tools
• Determining origin of defects
• Determining priority of defects
• Investigating causes of logged error messages
• Remotely reviewing data received from daily test runs
• Communicating with system managers describing defects and how to recreate them
• Creating complex parsing and data analysis routines
• Helping to build consensus among the three independent contractors on test methods and expected results

IV. Experience in the Commercial Payment Industry

Mr. Oppenheimer has provided retail electronic payment system solutions commercially to large retail oil companies and discount chains. Solutions include the development of new point of sale hardware and integration with foreign (Chinese) ISO 8583 specifications. Mr. Oppenheimer participated in the American Bankers Association X.9 A11 committee developing new specifications for an 8583 standard for EBT (which became X.93 parts 1 and 2). He participated with the EBT committees for National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and the Electronic Funds Transfer Association (EFTA). He has helped frame standards for the WIC and Food Stamp EBT messaging protocols, and contributed to the NIST standard for a civilian agency smart card conforming to Presidential directive. Mr. Oppenheimer recently designed a method for redeeming SNAP benefits from an on-line device for a private customer.

V. Relevant Skills

Mr. Oppenheimer has expert command of the full suite of MS Office including Word, Excel, Visio, Access, Project, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Mr. Oppenheimer has experience with various databases, including QuickBooks.

Mr. Oppenheimer has experience with a variety of different hardware platforms including Data General, Sun Microsystems, Personal Computers, and Hewlett Packard. Mr. Oppenheimer is also familiar with WINDOWS, DOS, UNIX, SOLARIS, and AOS/VS operating systems

Mr. Oppenheimer has worked with many different financial protocols including VISA 1, VISA 2, ISO 8583, ISO 20022, Fed Reserve File system, EMV technical specifications, and many proprietary protocols from various customers.


B.A., History, Reed College, Portland, Oregon, 1979.


Thought Matrix Consulting, Managing Member, Reston, Virginia.
March 2005 to Present.

Mr. Oppenheimer created the company to serve the social services information technology needs of State and Federal Governments. However, the company also bid and won commercial consulting assignments.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Senior Associate, Falls Church, Virginia
1994 to 2005
Supervisor: Debra Banning

Mr. Oppenheimer built a team to serve the Federal Government needs-based payment systems and corporate client payment systems needs.

McDonnell Douglas/British Telecom/MCI, Senior Systems Section Manager
Reston, Virginia
1984 to 1994
Supervisor: Eddie Stoops

Mr. Oppenheimer led a development unit creating on-line and batch applications for various financial applications. McDonnell Douglas bought this unit in 1984, subsequently sold to British Telecom in 1987; MCI bought the unit in 1994. During these corporate ownership changes, Mr. Oppenheimer rose from being a Programmer/Analyst to a Senior Systems Section Manager.

Mr. Oppenheimer designed wrote or otherwise significantly contributed to Major EFT applications during this early phase in his career.

References provided on Request