Angelo Karavolos

Freelance Civil Engineer & Presentation Designer

Location:United States
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Angelo Karavolos
Aerospace Medical Association, Associate Fellow
Sub Orbital Flight Research Society
American Red Cross

506 North Pine Street
Tomball TX 77375
713 890 2410

Educational Background
Western Illinois University, Agriculture, Geography, Honors Student
University of Illinois, MS, Biology, Summa *** Laude
University of Kentucky, MS, Environmental Engineering, *** Laude
Auburn University, MS Material Science, McFarland Research Award
Florida State University, Environmental Engineering, Florida Space Grant Award

Work Experience
Consulting and Business Development

NTB Technologies contract for Spechio Associates Inc (2000 to 2012)
Develop dual use carbon dioxide adsorptive-oxygen regenerating structural panels for construction of environmental and emergency building structures in extreme habitats.
Research Associate- Institute/Center for Irradiation of Materials (1998 to 2000)
Development of modeling techniques to study and identify gas production in tissues during EVA decompression. Assisted in developing miniature lenses for beam splitting, and miniature retinal/interrogation devices.

Teaching Experience

Embry Riddle University (1995 to 1998)
Teaching Human Factors in Aviation for graduate students at local university extension office. Specialty in Cockpit Human Interface Design
Hinds Community College (1995 to 1998)
North East Alabama Community College (1998-2000)
Teaching entry level biology and physical science courses
Teaching Physiology and Biology for Undergraduate Students at local Community College.


Edwards Air Force Base CA Military (1992 to 1995)
Provided Industrial Hygiene Support for Phillips Laboratory- over 600 employees. Served as a Project Manager for a variety of Programs, including the Hydrazine Monitor Detection Device, the Isogrid Structure Development Program, Improved design of Isogrid Composite structure and skin for Clementine Missile, and an Innovative Technologies Development Program. Assisted in testing, fabricating and developing small micro mechanical devices for various applications. Served as NBC and Radioactive Waste Removal Training Officer. Back up Team member for the Shuttle Recovery/Landing Effort on Base, as well as supplemental support for the Hyperbaric Chamber Training Facility on base.
Army National Guard (1997 to Present)
Black Hawk Aircraft, Chinook, Apache Helicopter Aircraft Operations and Maintenance, Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare Training, Aircraft Operations, Artillery coordinates training, Medical First Response training

Government Regulatory Agencies

Air Pollution Control District, Louisville KY (1988 to 1992)
Air Modeling and Permitting of air quality in Jefferson County, KY. Responsible for regulating, modeling and consulting for 60 private and government facilities for compliance with Clean Air Act. Officer of the Court.

Utility Patent Non Destructive Method for Detection Plastique Materials
Utility Patent System and Method for Detecting Biochemicals Using Detection Material Bonded to a Substrate.
Karavolos A, Powell MR, Demitry P, Cooper G., Magari P. Bubble sizing identification technique for stationary in-vitro bubbles. Aviation, Space Environ. Med., 70 (4) (Suppl), 418, (1999)
A Karavolos, MR Powell. In vitro measurement of air bubbles by means of resonant frequency ultrasound Undersea Biomed Res. 27, (Suppl.), 13,

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