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Freelance Business Plan Writer & Business Writer

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
Phone: 888-390-5507
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We create business plans, pitch books, private placement memorandums (PPM's), executive summaries, and standard operating procedures for:
Great Ideas, Startups, Existing Businesses, Bank Presentations, Venture Capital Presentations, Private Investor Presentations, Grants, Crowdfunding
Business Owners Looking to Grow and Business Owners Looking to Sell
Service Description

You might be starting a new business and wondering:
"Where do I start? How much is it going to cost? Who is the competition? What makes my business unique?" These are just some of the questions that we hear when we talk to a new entrepreneur.
Our business plans tackle all of the key components that you will need to address when you start your new business.

"I need a business plan for a Bank, Venture Capitalist, or Private Investor."
Banks, Venture Capitalists, and Private Investors all want to see a different business plan. Banks are loaning you money at a predetermined interest rate, Venture Capitalists are usually looking for an aggressive piece of equity, and Private Investors may want both. At IdeaVibe, we develop unique business plans that speak to your specific audience.

"I'm running a business but I don't have a current business plan."
You are in the majority. Now choose to be in the minority. Consider these facts:
99% of the businesses we work with do not have a formal business plan.
The number one reason businesses fail to reach full potential is lack of a plan.
Buyers are willing to pay a premium for businesses with a well-thought-out business plan committed to paper.
Business owners cite the number one reason for failing to develop a plan is lack of time.