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Dave Wise

Freelance Video Producer & Commercial Videographer

Location:Springfield, Missouri, United States
Phone: 417-849-2160
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Hey, thanks for giving me a look. In 2001 I made the "Full-Time" dive into my production career. I started out in L.A., Studio City, Burbank and soon found myself working on contract for E! Entertainment in their development of the reality pilot "What a Life" starring Scott Baio, Thomas Collabro and Sherilyn Fenn., and for producers like, Lynch, Siderow, L.L.C., Alpha 60 FilmWerks' production of Windjector, the national commercial campaign by Bowflex creators, Dosho, Conductor L.A. Studios on the national Axe Men's Body Spray – Mojo Master national campaign.
Other Prime Time Network Cable Television and made for television broadcasts include multiple cooking show pilots for Viacom, children's television mini series Detours and Lil’ Lamb’s. Over the next 10 years, I was shooting and editing everything from national broadcast commercials, T.V. pilots, reality shows, music videos, documentaries and feature films such as The Sixth, The Nesting and This American Life to name a few.. Currently I have over 84 completed productions under my belt. Many of these are where I was contracted as the producer/director, where the entire production was up to me and/or a team I would put together.

After leaving the Los Angeles area for a different quality of life I held the position of Studio Director for By Your Side Studios in Dallas TX. from 2007 to 2010. I still work for them contractually on all of their productions.

Other productions of no less impact or quality include numerous shorts films, commercials, documentaries and edutainment productions for the commercial and private sector audiences. In some productions, such as No Small Consequence and On the Scene, two individually developed, 30 minute dramatic films for a private sector client, I was able to collectively apply a myriad of skills as the Director, Camera Operator, DP, and Editor inclusively; winning three awards, one of which was for best drama.

I am a team player, as well as, a one person production crew that, lights, shoots, edits etc. when needed. I've done it all and love every minute of it.

As a cinematographer I’ve had a lot of experience with many types of cameras, working with all kinds of equipment and crew. Producing great video comes down to having a clear vision of what’s needed to tell the story, knowing how to get that, and an eye to discover - in the moment- opportunities when possible. I have the technical skills to pull it off without the attitude of a know it all, It's a constant learning environment. Don't let just anyone have your project. Make sure they know things like lens choices, lighting, camera moves, blocking, timing etc. This is where I really get into it and love to craft the pieces. What seems like little things can become pretty influential in the editing bay and to the final story.

With Editing and Post Production I can cut on Avid or Final Cut Pro. A good edit is in the editor, not the program. It’s tough to give an answer when people ask me what I prefer or like to do most, shoot or edit. My honest answer is it all depends on what the project. I truly believe a good edit relies on good footage and story to begin with. But the real story is formed in the edit bay. I think that’s proof of the power of editing.

Independent and Contract Video Producer and Graphic Designer -positions included but not limited to:

Traveler Pictures Position - Independent Filmmaker
Project - Short Film - 168 Film Festival Finalist - “Echo”

By Your Side Studios Position - Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Project - 42 minute Feature film - "On the Scene”

Traveler Pictures Position - Independent Filmmaker
Project - Feature Film / Edu-tainment - “Revenge of the Grasshoppers”

Zapanta Entertainment Position - Editor
Project - “Blue Devils - Blue Smoke” DVD Release documentary on the Blue Devils Drum corps.

E! Entertainment Television Position - Camera / Editor / MGfx
Project - "What A Life!" reality T.V. Pilot starring Scott Baio, Thomas Calabro and Sherilyn Fenn
View - Never made it to air but I have the time reduced version for review upon request.

Alpha 60 Filmwerks Position - Producer / Director / Editor / MGfx
Project - "Windjector" Broadcast commercials and instructional DVD for the BowFlex product line.
View -
View -

Unilever and Conductor Agency (Lead Producers are now with Message Becomes Medium) Position - Videographer / Editor / MGfx
Project - Axe Men's Body Spray/Mojo Master National Web Series Campaign with Evan and Gareth
View -
View -

FFEP/Food Network Canada Position - Director / Cinematographer / Editor
Project-Television Pilot - “Cooking Low-Carb with Danielle Robb”

FFEP / FoodNetwork / Viacom Position - Editor / Cinematographer / DP
Project-Television Pilot - “In Your Kitchen” Brock Hauk, Greg Albertien

FFEP / Trancais Films International Position - Director / Cinematographer
Project - Feature Film - “The Nesting” feature horror Starring Glen Sivill

Gateway Entertainment Position - B Camera Operator
Project - SciFi Short Film - “The Sixth” Starring Tiny Lister

KPS Power Home Position - Director / Cinematographer / Editor / MGfx
Project - 2 Long Form Commercials - KPS for Consumers & KPS for Builders

Water of Life Position - Director / Cinematographer / DP / Editor / MGfx
Project Corporate Campaigns- 50/50 Campaign & Fulfilling Our Destiny

WOW International Position - Director / Cinematographer / Editor / MGfx
Projects - 8 Reality style short form Documentaries

Cleansing Stream Ministries Position - Director / Cinematographer / Editor / MGfx
Projects Corporate Campaigns- What Is Cleansing Streams? / C2K Youth

Sound Advice Position - Editor / DVD Author
Multiple industrial and commercial projects.

Nightfire Studios Position - Cinematographer / Editor
Project - “Pro2call” music video and studio sales video.

I hope to be able to speak with you about any productions you would consider me for.

Thank You,

Dave Wise