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George Palmer

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer, Digital Artist, & More

Location:Ormond Beach, Florida, United States
Phone: 386-315-0998
12 Skills
Strong experience in graphic design, as an environment artist, 3D modeler and texture artist including smaller skill set in concept art and story writing. I’m currently attending school for game design at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Skills that I’m learning are video game design, prototyping, level design, visual developing, game art, effects animation, character design, 3D modeling and prop modeling.

Main Specialties
Creating terrain environments, 3d models, textures, logo and marking art, concept art, game design, agile best practices, leadership skills, game/simulation engine understanding, and web design.

***Never closed minded to new ideas and new ways of accomplishing a task or procedure. That would be selfless, foolish and not good business! I never feel like I deserve the job and never approach it with a relaxed attitude. My soft skills are always improving along with my hard skills. I take pride in both skills and i see myself always learning adjusting both to meet the needs for any environment setting.***

1. Creating Textures for models and Terrain
2. Modeling game worlds and moving models
3. Graphic Design-Logos..etc
4. Concept Artist
5. Level Design
6. Web Page Design
7. Modeling for Open Flight (MultiGen Creator)
8. Illustrator
9. Story Boards
10. Agile's Scrum structure
11. lead on projects