Noah Geisert

Freelance Proofreader & Editor

Location:Denton, Texas, United States
Phone: 1-319-621-6230
Website: http://www.Write-With.Com
2 Skills
3.83 Graduate GPA/4.0 Undergraduate UNT GPA
Writing (25+ years experience)/Editing/Proofreading/Researching/Web Design/Technical Writing
Teaching/Training/Lesson Planning/Grading/Plagiarism Resolution/Policies and Procedures
Presentations Experience (both private classroom and public auditorium)
Administration/Managed 25 Employees (1995–2000)/Wrote 200–Page Training Manual for All 3 Shifts
Skills: MS Office/WordPerfect/Snagit/Website Tonight/SEO/Xerox/IBM/Infoprint/Banctec/HP
Reading Fluency: Old English/Middle English/Latin/Spanish

Master of Arts in English Literature: December 2009; University of North Texas
Bachelor of Arts in English: May 1991; Augustana College (Illinois)

Recent/Current Employment
English Oxygen: 2011–present
Tutoring of and Proofreading for ESL Students; Fridays, Language Building, Room 113; UNT Campus

www.Write–With.Com: 2010–present
Created and Developed, Designed and Composed, Proofread, and Managed Educational Web Content.

Composition and Calculation Proofreader of Finance Textbooks: 2010–present
Extended Markets and Intermediaries 2011
Liquidity and Working Capital 2011
Modular Finance 2011
Dr. Foster Peyton Roden; University of North Texas School of Business

University Instructor: 2008–2010
University of North Texas English Department/Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Editor and Proofreader of Faculty–Authored Research Essays and Grant Proposals: 2008
University of North Texas School of Library and Information Sciences

Proofreading Work in Publication
Under Western Eyes by Joseph Conrad, edited by John Peters; Broadview Editions, 2009
Conrad in the Public Eye, edited by John Peters; Rodopi, 2008

Teaching/Editing/Proofreading Effectiveness
“I wanted to thank you for writing a letter for me and for being hands
down one of the best English teachers I have ever had and, most likely,
ever will have.” Ryan Alexander, UNT TAMS Student.

“I wanted to thank you again for your help in editing my essay last fall. I’ve finally
made the decision to attend ________ University School of Law and thanks in part to your
assistance I also received an extremely large scholarship.” Stacy Cole, UNT Alumna, 2005.

“Noah. Thank you. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. I’m
embarrassed that I made five million typos (and I’m supposed to be a
writing tutor? Dang!) but with your corrections I think I can turn in a
solid, polished project. You’re amazing.” UNT Writing Lab Coworker.

“Hello Noah. I really really appreciate that. I can’t express my thanks
too much. The paper you have taught me must be invaluable to my writing
ability. I am never gonna forget your being nice to me. Sincerely yours,
Charlie.” UNT ESL Doctoral Student.

“Dear Professor Noah. I would like to sit in your class this summer.
Please let me know what section and time. I learn a ton of knowledge from your class.
Maybe, I will go back to Thailand. Do you want to go with me? You are a good friend to
me. I remember you forever. Best wishes, Peemasak.” UNT ESL Doctoral Student.

“You are the best writing teacher I have ever met.” Songjin Yang, UNT ESL Masters Student.

“Thanks for the proofed essay. You did an excellent job.” Dr. John
Peters, UNT Associate Professor of English.

“Hello Noah. Would you do me a favor? Could you check this attachment for me? My primary concerns involve the use of singular/plural nouns, verb tense, improper use of prepositions, and a host of grammatical errors. There are punctuation problems as well. Please can you do? This is grant writing. Thank you so much. Bye.” UNT ESL Doctoral Student.

“Hello Noah. How have you been? I have two articles to be proofread by you. Could you check and modify these readings? Thanks a lot. Sincerely yours.” UNT ESL Doctoral Student.

Past Employment
Writing Tutor/Proofreader: UNT Student Writing Lab: 2007–2008
Final Defense Proofreader: Dr. John Peters; UNT: 2007–2008
Scanner, Binder, Proofreader: Pearson Education; Iowa City: 2000–2006
Manager: Bo James Food and Drink; Iowa City: 1995–2000
Employee: Bo James Food and Drink; Iowa City: 1991–1995

Overtime Leader, 2nd shift: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Scanning Operations; Pearson Education; Iowa City, Iowa

Community Proofreader: 2007–present
Clients include ESL and NES students and 1 ESL faculty member

NCTE–CCCC/English Club/English Oxygen/UNT Alumni Association
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