Logan Heisrath

Freelance Screenwriter, Cartoonist, & More

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
4 Skills
I'm glad to be read by you, m'dear. In short, I'm a scriptwriter, story consultant, and digital cartoonist. If you're looking for a creative writer or cartoonist with a professional attitude, you've found her right here.

I study film, and specialise in writing film scripts on Final Draft. Having a passion for analysis and editing, I am at my best consulting any story on character, plot, and theme. I love to talk about other people's stories and how they can improve marketability, entertainment value, or emotional depth. This can be done for any story-telling platform, but will most likely accept screenplay or novel as I have studied screenwriting and creative writing extensively. I have base knowledge on writing for comics and games (especially game dialogue) as well.

If you have a story you need a second look at, or a film idea you want to sell and need a script, I'm the person for it. Please note that I am not an editor to proofread your work. While I will likely pick up any spelling or grammatical mistakes while reading, I'm more a person to help round your work out critically to make it a grounded story without completely altering the original author's intentions. This service can be helpful if you need an unbiased opinion and are looking to publish.

As a side hobby, I am a digital cartoonist that works with the Adobe CS6 Suite. While I prefer Photoshop, I am happy to do line art in Illustrator. I work to create organic, original designs with an edge of beauty and grittiness, while maintaining the heart of the cartoon look (think Western Animation). My style varies, which makes me a versatile designer. I can do animation storyboards on an amateur level as well.

I have done commissions before, and know how to achieve what you want through open, friendly communication.

Working as a business trainee for over a year, I have a professional approach to my work and have an understanding of the importance of clear, direct communication and good customer relations.

If you're a Brisbane based employer looking for an in-house writer or regular, by golly, whip me a message and suss me out. (I'm looking at you, Indie Game Developers)