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I would like to express my keen interest in applying to this position.
Looking the job description and profession, I am sure that I would be able to deliver the required duties in a very adequate manner; therefore I am attaching my RESUME for ease of reference.
Appreciate if I could be given a chance for an interview and looking forward to hear from you a positive reply.

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Ahmadullah Hamidi

Email Add: ahmad.hanayesh@hotmail.com
Phone# 0093-773-828-444

1. 12 grade from Ghulam haider khan high school in Kabul.
2. 5 years studies (Bachelor Degree) in Construction faculty of Kabul polytechnic University
3. 6 Months practical period in CHF (NGO) for Clinics building in Kabul.
4. Working with ACTED NGO Nov 2001 till to Apr 2003 as a Monitor for UNHCR shelter program in Par wan Province.
5. Working with Facility Engineer Team (F.E.T) & Expeditionary Prime Beef Squadron (E.P.B.S) Bag ram Air Field from date Sep 2006 till to June 2010 as a construction manager & LNM (landscape architect).
6. Working with UH Construction Company as a project manager 26 June 2010 till to 15 Nov 2010 & project complete.
7. Working with KBG Construction Company as a project manager 25 Nov 2010 till to 25 Apr 2011 & complete the project.
8. Working with UNWFP as a facility management officer in facility management team (FMT) 26 June 2011 till to 25 May 2012.
9. Working with FOX Construction Company as a construction manager in MOI project 15 July 2012 till to Dec 2013 because of the budget problem they stop the project progress.


1985-1995 Primary school in Kabul province Afghanistan
1995-1997 Graduated from high school Kabul, Afghanistan

Higher Education
1999-2006 Kabul Polytechnic University faculty of construction (Civil engineering)

Some other Studies in this University.

1. Auto CAD program (2D & 3D) by French teachers for one year 2005-2006.
2. IT Subjects By Korean teachers for one year 2005-2006.
3. 3DMax by extra courses in Kabul.
4. SUB designing program.
Special Courses of Computer Programs and English language.

1997-1999 Extra courses English language up to advance level, computer programs including MS- Windows, MS- Office packages and Hardware.
Recent Work Experience:

07Nev2001-23 May 2002 in ACTED international ORG as an assessment Monitor for irrigation rehabilitation in Kabul province stalef distract.
1. Selected vulnerable areas of irrigation.
2. Survey and prioritize of villages for irrigation point.
3. Survey of destroyed (karizes) and their activation.
4. Preparation of BOQ (materials lists) and work plan for (karizes) rehabilitation.
5. Assessment of (karizes) action according to (community base).
6. Preparation of materials for (karizes) users.
7. Training of local people to keep care of (karizes).
8. Providing and distributing of tools for (karizes) beneficiary.

26May2002-15Jan2003 by ACTED international ORG as a member of survey and rehabilitation of (Parwan) irrigation canal
1. Survey of parwan canal from Gulbahar district up to Qarabagh district in north of Kabul.
2. Clearing of damage points and on every using manhole.
3. Clearing of all culverts toward the canal.
4. Check and make decision for repairing of canal siphon under the Ghonband River.
5. Making of a complete drawing for the repairing and rehabilitation.

18Jan2003-12Sep2003 as a member of stalef irrigation project in ACTED ORG.
1. Survey of the entire water source and it is using way.
2. Survey and clearing of all the damage points of manholes.
3. Making BOQ or material list for repairing.
4. Training of the formers for how to use the canal.
5. Providing of tools for the users and teaching the

20. Sep. 2006.working as a construction manager and LN Manager or (Landscape architect) till June 2010 with Expeditionary Prime Beef Squadron (EPBS) Bagram Airbase Bagram Afghanistan.

Duties and tasks descriptions:
1. Providing of engineering services for DPW/FET (Department of Public Work and Facility Engineer Team) and US Army.
2. Development of construction project requirements.
3. Facilitating of construction management project as requirement for FET.
4. Translating of verbal and written communication between Dari, Pashto and English as required.
5. Providing of interpreter services for local customers, contracting personnel and vendors as required.
6. Operating of workload management.
7. Providing of design, cost estimation of different projects for FET.
8. Assessment of different construction project on BAF.
9. Monitoring of construction project on BAF as required.
10. Providing of weekly construction report for FET.
11. Participating of weekly construction meeting between FET and local contractors.
12. Participating of weekly planning meetings in Base ops.
13. Participating of construction meeting in contracting office.
14. Providing of statement of work and discussing with contractors.
15. Work as a local national Manager(Team Manager in EPBS)
16. Providing all facilities like drawing and estimation for the Expeditionary Prime Beef Squadron (EPBS).
17. Holding of deferent construction meeting for local contractors and Air Force construction managers.
18. Providing of Facilities for the local national construction manager to better activities, in EPBS office.
19. Translation of English to Dari and Dari to English.

03. 2004-12. 2004 working in CHF NGO
Duties and Tasks description:

1. Providing technical assessment for clinics and schools building construction.
2. Establishment of site assessment for projects.
3. Providing of supervision for rehabilitation programs.

25 June 2010 till 10June 2011 working with UHCC as a project manager.
Duties and tasks description:

1. Providing of all technical facilities.
2. Providing of all construction drawing.
3. Providing of BOQ and cost estimation.
4. Assessment of all the projects.
5. Participating of construction meetings with US contract officers.
6. Providing of monthly and weekly work timetable.

25 Nov 2010 till 25 Apr 2011 working with KBG as a project manager.
Duties and tasks description:

1. Providing of all technical facilities.
2. Providing of all construction drawing.
3. Providing of BOQ and cost estimation.
4. Assessment of all the projects.
5. Participating of construction meetings with US contract officers.
6. Providing of monthly and weekly work timetable.

26 June 2011 till 25 May2012 I was working with UNWFP as a facility management officer and basic designer.

1. Managing of construction projects including all aspects of project requirements.
2. Providing of plans and programs for implementation of the projects in all projects of WFP.
3. Establishment of an estimation system according to the local and international market prices.
4. Scoping, administrative programming, and construction quality assurance.
5. Establishment of drawing, designing, and calculation of buildings strength.
6. Selecting of materials according to the needs of customers on the WFP.
7. Guidance of the contractors to implement the projects accordingly with the WFP, Engineering department scope of works
8. Selecting of contractor for every project best on technical and evaluation result.
9. Assessment / inspection of projects including preparing of reports from progression of project’s plans implementation and works quality.
10. Supervision of the ******* for contractors and other authorities visiting the WFP projects.
11. Being aware of all security-related materials such as fences, barriers, bankers, and Discos for the protection of WFP offices and guest houses.

I am working in MOI NPCC admin building as a construction manager.
Duties and Tasks description:

1. Participation in project meeting with lakeshore toltest.
2. Providing of look ahead plan.
3. Providing of all paper work & documents.
4. Providing all facilities as required in project site.
5. Holding weekly construction meeting with corps of engineering team.

Additional information:

Nationality Afghan
Date of birth 01 July 1982
Place of birth Kabul Afghanistan
Marital status Married
Languages Dari (native), English (proficiency), Pashto (second language)
Skills (2) Rating
Landscape Architecture