Ray Pioggia

Freelance Advertising Photographer & Commercial Photographer

Location:Suffield, Connecticut, United States
Phone: 860.519.3989
Website: http://www.luxhomesct.com
2 Skills
Consulting in all things photographic. Professional career experience runs the gamut of technical commercial photography and photojournalism. Aspects of services offered embrace analog film and wet darkroom to the most current digital and computer based technology, in studio or on location.

In a world where viable, correctly exposed, and focused photographs are achieved by anyone who can press a button, the role of a trained professional has become remarkably diminished. Continued commercial success and a "Pro" reputation hinges on a distinguishing portfolio. The work must go beyond the ability to simply capture images, and shift to a capability for creating images founded on collected knowledge and experience.

The following attributes are applied to every assignment:
• Art direction and "image design"
• Visual impact crafted with lighting
• Flawless, stunning rendering
• Interpersonal directing skills for controlling and contriving situations
• Dedication towards achieving an imagined or desired result

The following available photographic categories include "Advertising Nouns"
(people, places and things) all captured in a singular style for:
• Architectural – Fine Homes Marketing, Custom Builders, Designers, Architects, Editorial
• Corporate – Annual Reports, Advertising, Documentary, Not For Profit Organizations
• Industrial – Processes, Building Projects, Infrastructure, Documentary
• Product – Catalogs, Advertising, Web-based Imaging
• People – specializing in unique services for Models, Actors, Musicians/Music groups, Dancers,
and Professionals/Executives