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My name is Khan Ahmed Shahzeb and I graduated from Bournemouth University with an MA in 3D Computer Animation. I am currently working as a freelance 3d generalist at an animation studio called Unanico. I am looking to be considered for the position of a 3d artist/generalist. I am eligible and hold the necessary documents to work in UK.

I graduated in 2005 with a B.S (Hons.) in Computer Sciences from Lahore Pakistan. After my graduation I found a job in an animation studio, working as a general artist working primarily architectural visualisations and product modelling. I worked there for more than two years. My love for 3D CG began when I saw first of the matrix movies and I decided that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I am always fascinated with modelling and animation, the fact that you can create and animate something out of nothing still amazes me. It was during my job, at the animation studio that I explored the different facets of 3D CG opted to study animation and came to Bournemouth University.

As for the reason why am I the suitable person to work for your company is that I enjoy my work, I love doing animation and modelling. Even when I was working for my studio back home there were very few occasions where I treated work as work, starting out in the studio as a junior CG artist was tough because it was a new animation studio and spending extra hours and sometimes all nighters was a given but in the end it was an incredible experience for me I learned a lot from it.

Coming to Bournemouth University was a new challenge in itself. It was my love, passion and drive to learn animation and become better at what I do that lead me to travel all the way from Pakistan to Bournemouth University. The 1 year masters course at Bournemouth University was highly intense, tackling multiple tasks while working on your term project made you feel you that you were in a pressure cooker. As the course progressed I started enjoying working under such pressure and in the end being able to deliver what was expected on time gave a great feeling accomplishment.

I see myself in the near future enhancing my current 3D CG skills and becoming a good generalist but moreover a better animator and working for your studio I am certain will help me become that and in return your studio will gain another skilled member in to their team of talented artists.

Link to my showreel

link to my final masters project at Bournemouth University 2010:

Please also see my previous work, contains mostly modelling work
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