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Hello my name is Carina Kay Montgomery. I am a freelance photographer here in Missouri and Kansas. I specializResumee in Concert/ Event Photography, but I also do a great deal of landscape and Macro Photography as well. I have done a few Wedding and Family sittings. I have also started my hand in Storm Chasing which can have some very pleasing shots to capture. I have been a Photographer for approx 3 years. I attending Arts Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division, but I had to drop out because my husband had been killed in an industrial accident at his job and it was just too much for me to bear and try to handle school with my grieving. I did get my foot in the door by a man name Thomas Caprefoli who let me do my first photo shoot at a Venue called Aftershock Music Venue,
My first photo shoot was of John Corabi the lead singer of Motley Crue for two albums. I then proceeded to do shoots like Faster ***** Cat, Great White ect., I went to the Whiskey a go go and met the great photographer Robert John who was Guns and Roses photographer as well as Slash's photographer now..I have had great adventures and plan on having many many more. I also would love to try my hand at some landscapes like the great Ansel Adams, who was brilliant and hope to be that good someday. I am a photographer because its what I love to do, I feel as if I'm taking pictures of people's souls when I capture them digitally because they are doing what they love and that is their most vulnerable.
Photo jobs I have had
Owner / Photographer Metal Maiden Photography
Protest of Fred Phelps is Atchison, Kansas protesting a boys funeral that was killed in an Industrial Accident:
Tommy Caprefoli- KC Music Productions
Numerous photos for Cory Omerea - StratGazor Entertaiment- Many,many photo shoots at Aftershock Music Venue.
Staff of KC Concert Lounge Don Hickson, I am now staff photographer, Do shows like Aftershock Music Venue, The Riiot Room and hopefully this year Rockfest 2014.
Staff at Voodoo Queen Entertainment- St Louis Missouri Photographer
Staff at Sihouette of a Memoir Online Magazine You Tube- Photographer. I will be Featured Story in this months issue-
Photo's of his Birthday party, included Looks that ****, John Corabi
I have Photos on Facebook Carina Kay Montgomery, Metal Maiden Photography, Carina Kay Montgomery Photography and Carina Kay Montgomery Imaging
Been the personal photographer for Pat Jonas and his numerous bands he has had as well as his bar he was running but shut down which was the sister bar to Aftershock here in St Joesph. I am a member of the St Joseph, Missouri Music Foundation
When my husband was killed I was looking through photos to make a collage and discovered we had never had a family shot done which mad me very sad. I said to my mother as she came into my house holding up a piece of photo paper saying,"You know it only takes one piece of photo paper to make a lifetime of memories." I to this day say that on my business cards and encourage the importance of having a family picture done even if its just done one time. Another reason I am a photographer is my dad was a drummer of a country band when I was a child. They would always take pictures and I'd look through them and not see many of my dad. And then I discovered it was because he was in the back and no one every took pictures of the guy in the back. So my main goal as a Concert Photographer was to first take pictures of the drummer, which I have have some really great ones and then move to the from of the band. The drummers always run to me after their set and ask me if I was taking their pictures and I of course say yes, They are so very excited and appreciative that I do that for them, its out of pure respect for them, with out them there would be no band, they are a very important part of that picture and need to be recognized, if not just by me.
One more thing that inspired me was Nikki Sixx, he wrote a book called, "This is Gonna Hurt." His whole concept of this book was to show that their was beauty on the inside of the ugliness that is on the outside of a persons body, whether it be deformity, scares, burns,ect. My son is 14 years old had a rare brain disorder called Schizecephaly and Cerebreal Palsy. And yes people do look at him as though he was a freak, he slobbers on him self, he's not potty trained, nor will he ever be cannot speak well, and semi paralysis on his right side, nut he is the most beautiful person you will ever meet in your life and you will never forget him once you've met him. Nikki helped me see that disordered and scares and burns don't make a person, their personality does. So I guess that sums it up for me, I'm very long winded and can go one for hours but I will spare you all. Thank you for you time.

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