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Kadeesha Mitchell

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Professional Experience

Tenekia Wilson, Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

Nanny, January 2000 - September 2008
•When I was handed the tasks I knew exactly what to do first and to make sure I get the job done. 1. Every morning breakfast had to be served to the children which were 3 to 4 years old 2. Make sure they brush their teeth and wash their faces 3. Put day clothing on each of them and supervise the children as they go out and play while it's still light outside. 4. When it's time to come in the children then have to eat dinner 5. Afterwards they are to take a bath, put on their night clothes and get put to bed 6. When they are tucked in I volunteer either to read or tell them a night story until they fall asleep The next day I do the tasks all over again Mon-Fri and sometimes on the weekends.



East Lee County High, Lehigh AcresFloridaUnited States.

High School Diploma, May 2012
•Throughout high school if my grades weren't all "B"s they would be all "A"s. So my GPA would be a solid 3.30, only because schoolwork came first and I was one of the only classmates that got my assignments due on time. My favorite class was Drama, performing was not only fun it was rewarding and exciting. In fact I loved Drama class so much I even volunteered to stay after school to do plays, me and a group of friends decided to do "For Colored Girls" and I loved every minute of it.


Additional Skills
•Communication plays a very important role in my personality on a scale from 1 to 10 a solid 12.5. To me communication is the key to having a successful and professional relationship with your co-workers and your boss. I acquire great listening skills also, no matter how fast or slow my boss or co-worker is explaining tasks to me I would still be able to not only repeat what they said but understand it in a way I can remember it. While in high school my classmates would always tell me that I dress like a professional individual and that I also act the part. This will definitely transpire in the work force as it should, nothing stops me from getting the work done no matter how hard or difficult it is me being the sane person I am, I always keep my professional face on and must stay organized even while under pressure. In the work force individuals will need to know how to read, write, and type very well. Reading is a special hobby of mine very stimulating, and if I'm not reading I'm writing to give my brain some brain food. Typing has been a skill of mine also, working in an office puts those skills to work.
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