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Anita King

Freelance 3D Animator & Book Cover Designer

Location:Edwardsville, Illinois, United States
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"A Qweens Designs"

I enjoy making up characters, painting, building, writing and designing. I draw everyday. I was unable to add all my drawings but I have estimated I have about 576 drawings of just freehanded, imaginary drawings of all types. I design cards for a hobby but have financially obtain a small but useful income by doing so. I love, love, love to just put pencil to paper and watch the magic of creation.

I am a Marking major and have successfully completed 3/4 of my course work. My idea is to start my own company or be a major designer for illustrated companies who are looking for innovative ideas to wow! the perspective viewer. As mentioned before I have tons of drawings so I have also taken my drawings and my writing skills and made miniature books to read on a journey, waiting for the bus to come or a quiet moment to reflect.

Below you will see other skill sets I have accomplished by educating my self in this field. Thank you for reading my profile.

Interest in Self-Education
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• Book cover designs, Ad designs, Cartooning, Fashion illustration, Manga Art
• Poster design, Drawing, Poem Writing, Collections, Sales, Card designer, Card maker
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3D Animation
Book Cover Design