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Abbey Paccia

Freelance Animator & Book Illustrator

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
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Abbey Paccia

*Proficient in story and design
*Great organization and communication skills
*Hard working
*Able to meet deadlines quickly and effectively
*Valued as a strong team player and able to work independently
*Adept at storyboarding many types of animation and live action styles.
*Skilled in both traditional and symbol 2D animation principles and practices

Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, ToonBoom Harmony, Premiere, After Effects, InDesign

Work Experience

Storyboard Artist, Designer, Animator October 2010 - Present
Bent Image Lab, Portland OR
*Respected as a valuable member in the pre-production process for major productions.
*Designs characters and backgrounds for various animation types
(e.g.Traditional, CGI and Stop Motion.)
*Animates for both preliminary animatics and final broadcast animation.
*Called on to handle large projects and tight deadlines.
*Works closely with directors and producers to quickly realize their vision.
*Trusted to juggle multiple projects at once.
*Learns quickly and fills other roles when needed (e.g. production coordination and stop motion

Freelance Animator, Storyboard Artist, Designer & Illustrator August 2008 – Present
*Illustrated final 2d artwork for video games at Supergenius Studios.
*Designed and illustrated a children's book for Craigmore Creations.
*Created characters and animation for independent music video by Michell Citrin.
*Produced storyboards for presentations at Modern Edge.
*Designed Characters and animation for Ceiva commercial
*Animated several short book trailers for Scholastic Inc.
*Provided animation for Redbox online promotions.
*Animated short holiday cartoon for Dikkers Cartoon Company.
*Designed concepts and final Logo artwork for Creekrun Farm.
*Conceptualized and designed morphing illustrations for Elizabeth Haydon's book tour
*Directed and produced animated introduction to theatrical production of the musical
“Pippin” performed by Tully Council of the Arts.
Animator, Designer, Story and Background Artist May 2009 - May 2010
Dikkers Cartoon Company, New York NY
*Lead animator on several short original cartoons.
*Visualized cartoon scripts into storyboards and organized production of animation.
*Designed characters backgrounds and overall visual style for cartoons.
*Responsible for all aspects of production from the script to the final product.
*Looked to for story advice on several scripts not yet in production.
*Trusted as a leader and important member of the company.

Animator/Video Editor January 2009 - May 2009
Simplified Entertainment, Skaneateles NY
*Generated ideas and created scripts, storyboards, designs and animation for short content
*Worked independently with full creative freedom.
*Set up and shot live action video to use in short films.
*Blended the use of traditional animation and live action editing for original show.
*Edited live action footage for company promotional videos.
*Provided illustrations in a variety of styles for print.
*Solved problems creatively in a quick and cost effective manner.
Shadow Artist May 2007 - August 2007

Animation Collective, New York, NY
*Began as an intern and was quickly promoted to a full time position.
*Animated shadow effects on the Nicktoons series “Kappa Mikey.”
*Met deadlines ahead of production schedule and exceeded quality expectations.

Awards and Scholarships
*Student film “Pretty Ugly” accepted into the 2009 Syracuse Film Festival
*Student film “Pretty Ugly” accepted into the 2009 Feel Good Film Festival
*Ranked in the top 50 of 1,297 films competing in the 2008 Aniboom Competition on
*One of two yearly recipients of the Women In Animation Phyllis Craig Scholarship in 2007

Bachelor of Applied Arts – Animation
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Oakville, ON, Canada
Graduated with honors, April 2008

Art Fundamentals – Fine Arts Certificate
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Oakville, ON, Canada
Graduated with honors, April 2004
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Book Illustration