Alaa Ali Saad

Freelance Arabic Translator & Translator

Location:Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Alaa Ali Saadel-Din
Mobile No, : + 971504681290 \\ +20141636365 Shiekh Khalifa Road,
mail: Ajman, UAE
P.O. Box 20052
Career Objectives:
To work in a responsible and challenging position as English coordinator or English teacher or in any position in your respected organization where I can render my professional services to help and co-operate in developing and improving your organization’s business and educational objectives.

An effective, natural communicator with excellent interpersonal skills developed within an oriented environment and with a proven ability in leadership and motivation of subordinates in the achievement of their ultimate in line with organizational goals.
Personal Details
Date Of Birth: 17th .August. 1967
Nationality: Egyptian
Marital Status: married
Residence: Visa on a company Languages: Arabic: Native language - English: Very Good Command
Education: Bachelor of Arts &Education in English
? Specialization: English Language

? Graduation Date: 1990
? Job : English teacher
Skills Profile:

Working Skills:
(1)Experienced in teaching TOEFL & IELTS
(2) Experienced in teaching English for all stages and all levels British and American curriculums.
(3 ) Experienced in coordinating all the school work
(4) Experienced in making all tests and exams for all stages and all levels
(5) Working in the administration section.
(6) Working in any suitable position.
Computer Skills:
• Proficient in use of Microsoft Office Suit of programs
• Able to type letters, official document and reports
• English keyboarding speed of 30w pm with 100% accuracy
• Good communication skills gained from giving presentations at seminars.
• Dealing with customers tactfully and diplomatically.
• Working on team projects.
• Communication skills both verbal & listening.
• Successful course work was dependent upon participation and motivation of syndicated project groups.

Other skills:
• Solving problems in a calm and efficient manner
• Working and coping under pressure
• Using Email
• Excellent Telephone skills
• Able to work with many different nationalities
• Good English speaking and writing
• Able to learn quickly
• Ability to multi-task

20 years experiences in different teaching fields
{1} From (1990) to (1998) English teacher in a prep stage.
{2} from (1999) to (2003) Senior English teacher in experimental language school.
{3} from (2004) to (2006) English teacher in a secondary school.
{4} from (2006) to (2007) English Supervisor in Cairo. {5} from (2008) to (2009) English teacher in Dubai.
(6) from (2009) till now English teacher in Ibn Khaldoon Educational Center in Ajman.
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Arabic Translation