Julie Mullins

Freelance Illustrator & Artist

Location:Shallotte, North Carolina, United States
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To Prospective Clients,
My artistic career began when only 9 years old winning a Canada wide poster contest for the 1979 year of the child campaign. I have continued to excel in my artistic ventures, throughout my childhood and young adulthood.
I have painted, sketched and sculpted my entire life. Over the past 14 years I have been taking part in "worship art" where, when presented with a blank canvas, take 20-45 minutes to complete a painted piece. Each of these worship art pieces portray a message with the image, the colors and even the order the colors are applied to the canvas.
I recently completed a series of 11, 4'x11' paintings in the sanctuary of our church in a matter of a week. Each painting conveyed one of the churches values, like "change", "diversity", "potential" etc. While an enormous undertaking, it was one that I was passionate about. They remained in the sanctuary for 2 years, (and I duplicated them in a sister campus as well) until their value of change dictated that they change the sanctuary.
Together, with my husband, I created several stage set paintings and illustrations to use for messages.
I have also completed designs in both illustrator and photoshop for print ads, flyers, and in house use at several of my previous employers and for use within the church.
During the past year I designed, and completed the obedience guide we use at the veterinary clinic where I currently work as technician/trainor.
Please contact me to see samples of my work. I look forward to assisting you with your artistic projects. I know you will be pleased with both the timeliness of each piece as well as the work itself.
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