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Jennifer Kay

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Location:Elkhorn, Nebraska, United States
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Hi, my name is Jen. I have had over a year with lead generation with PPC services. You would have a dashboard that you would be able to login in to whenever you want to check the stats of impressions, clicks, click throughs, phone call recordings, etc... We include 3 keywords in our SEO campaign but for a small extra fee you can get the SEO boost option which includes 3 more keywords. With the PPC it offers as many keywords as you like but that will depend on your budget it can vary with how many keywords you have. If you are interested I can sit down with you and explain exactly what we can do for you like give you 7:1 ROI. Grow your business by 30% within a 6 month period of time with SEO and 40% within a 90 day period. We will be offering a social media campaign very very soon. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would offer references but I did lead generation for the company I worked at before. I just started on my own with SEO & PPC.
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