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Steven sysioc

Freelance Manga Artist & Sci Fi Artist

Location:Colton, California, United States
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Hello I'm a 23 yr old artist and I've been working on many different kinds of art since I was in elementary school. When I first saw anime in 5th grade (dragon ball series) it hit me hard, it inspired me and I have not stopped working on my art ever since. Over the years I have taken a handful of art classes but it seems like I have the knowledge and skill to accomplish what they have given to me and I'm currently looking for a challenge. I have taught myself to work on manga, science fiction landscape art, characters/cartoons, and make designs and patterns. I love to try new art all the time. Art is everything to me and its a dream to become a known artist and a manga artist. If hired I will work to your environment and what you love to do, if we work together we can make things possible. Feel free to take a look at my profile and contact me if interested.
Thank you
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