Marcelo R De Mattos

Freelance Audio Editor & Video Editor

Location:São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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After a 24 years experience editing on all advertise and television enviorments , experience as scene director in publicity and some prizes won , i feel self confident to apply for this position and make the difference ,fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese , and acctually working on a sports tv program .Thanks . Above my CV.

Marcelo Mattos


Machinery Design (School Pro Tec)
Tools design (School Pro Tec)
Architecture (Faculty of Fine Arts, SP)
Photography (Pan American Arts Scholl)
Media 100 (Pro TV)
Academic English, St Giles Scholl (IELTS Certificate London)
Spanish fluently (affiliation)
Interactive Media (HDTV) SP Record TV

Professional Experience

Globotec 1985 / 1991
Quantel operator character
Camera Control (Ikegami CCU)
Operator Vt 1 inch Sony
Operator Switcher Grass Walley
Editor in BVE 5000 / ADO
Since 1986, serving as editor

Free Lancer 1991 / 1994

Acting at least incipient market cine vt, in various production
existing at the time.

Globotec 1994 / 1996

Return home to develop the core
of corporate videos and special assembly to Rede Globo TV.

Frame 1996 / 1998

Senior editor, with two islands, telecine and paint
AWA box. ACE Edition Ampex, Century Schwitcer stroke and two channels with ADO

MTV Brazil

In Frame, was hired by MTV to be mounted parallel to my work
program schedule of events, as well as editing video clips, creating
vignettes and openings in 2D

Barriga Verde Productions 1998 / 2000

Mounting commercial house, like finishing / assembly
finisher for the third party.

Mauricio Oliveira Films 2000 / 2002

Invited by Maurice (then artistic director of DPZ and scene-Belly
Green) assembled in the company producing commercial Screeenplay acting
specifically in commercial 35 mm.

Pão de Açúcar 2002 / 2003

Stage management and assembly / editing of commercial network
In producing Mikson

Biondi and Associates 2003 / 2006

I worked initially as an editor, passing the installation direction
in political campaigns (one every two years) party programs,
commercial support, working in several states in the country
Biondi what Nelson had to go ernment account.
I fixed residence in Roraima for a year and a half, after having taken the
stage direction of the last campaign for Governor,
Nelson had created for this House to meet the Agency Account in situ.
Responsible for directing the scene and montage of commercials and campaigns to support

Free Lancer 2002 / 2007

Since then I go riding for some producers and agencies in
which have direct contact.
Since April last year intern
D1 platform - Flame in Pix Post finisher for the necessary update to finish.

Record TV SP 2007/2011

Responsible for formatting and performance of commercial (Journalism Truth)
served initially in the News Record and incorporated as the national network of campaign journalism.

Record 2010 SP

Responsible for editing materials for the various Olympic programs home
Coberura in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.


Columnists SP - Best Editing
Columnists SP - Mount Highlights
Featured Yearbook Creation-CCSP "The Waltons" FCB Loducca Brazil
Golden Lion-Cannes Film Festival - The Ray Vac batteries Norton advertising.
COB (Brazilian Olympic Ccomitê) 2009 National Paralympic best subject.
IOC (International Olympic Committee) Golden Rings
Bronze. Third best Olympic subject.Among 275 tv channels . Olympic Games in Vancouver Canada

Contact: cel: 55-11- 9901 -12 91

São Paulo Brasil.
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Audio Editing
Video Editing