Sandy Hockenbery

Freelance Business Consultant & Consultant

Location:Corona, California, United States
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Sandy has run businesses for over 20 years. She brought several businesses in Arizona, California and Michigan to award winning standards as model businesses through her experience and expertise in personnel, marketing, public relations, business systems and financial planning

After helping 1000’s of professionals, including many artists, through her consulting company she realized the impact on the world an artist can make.

Sandy wrote and produced a screenplay. Submitting the film to festivals garnished her several awards including “Best Short-Romance” at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Sandy produced the 5 minute short film “Mojave Philosophy” winning a top 10 spot at the Doorpost Film Project and “S.H.M.I.L.U.” a 20 minute film funded by the Doorpost Film Project.

Currently an Independent Producer she is working as a Producing Partner with Veteran Producer Doug Claybourne on an independent feature film, Producing with Max Freedman Media on a feature animation and Producing Partners with Elizabeth McCullom of Kicking Sands Production on the true life story of Johnny Angel Martinez. Along with developing several book projects.

Sandy has raised funding for book publishing, short film projects and the upcoming full feature projects, Along with producing several short films, video’s and commercials
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Business Consulting