Samuel J Fletcher

Freelance Video Editor & Audio Editor

Location:Thornton-Cleveleys, Blackpool, United Kingdom
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Before or after reading please take the time to look at my website that features my video work and explains more about me. Its better for you to see my work, isn't it!

I have always been interested in a job where I can help people and businesses grow; video editing and the media industry fit in perfectly. Using my own initiative I began to learn techniques and programs that would stand me in good sted for future jobs. These included programs such as Adobe After effects and Final Cut. I’m never happier than when I’m editing, the joy of putting your own individuality on a piece is something only a few lucky people get the opportunity to do. I am a keen, quick learner willing to put in the extra hours to get the task in hand finished. I can work strongly on my own but also working well in a group bringing the best ideas to the table to create the best product possible.

Completing my A level media production course helped me improve my time management skills, my confidence and the quality of finish this was through creating adverts, short films, music videos and pre production paperwork. Working with The Sandcastle Water Park allowed me to test my skills to a professional level.

Here I conducted multiple interviews using my background research but many were on the spot interviews. This allowed me to use my initiative to select locations and select the right questions to gain the best response. The video was filmed the footage on HD shoulder cameras. The final Corporate video was cut together using industry standard software such After Effects, Final Cut and Cinema 4D. The video is now playing around the establishment.

At the end of my college years I was presented with best short film Adaptation and best Video Editor.

Courses studied -
BTEC Media production and A/S and A2 Level Computing at The Blackpool Sixth Form College and A2 General Studies.

Qualifications obtained at Cardinal Allen Catholic High School
General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE’S) in:
Subject Grade Obtained
Mathematics A
Science (Single) A
Additional Science Award (Single) A
Information & Communication Technology A
Religious Studies A
Citizenship (Short Course) A
Art B
Design and Technology Electronics B
English B
English Literature B

A level Grades Achieved to date:
A/S Level Computing B
BTEC Media Production
(2nd Year Grade Pending) Distinction
A/S General Studies C

A2 Level Computing - B
BTEC Media Production 2nd Year
A2 General Studies - A/B

Work Experience:

During the Easter period I worked at the The Civic Center In Poulton for Wyre Borough Council. Here I spent 2 weeks in the IT department; I took part in many tasks. I visited the areas of the building such as planning permission, grounds keeping, other offices and trips to local businesses. If no members were in, I would answer the phone and record the date we needed to visit. We would then travel to location and I would solve the problem in hand. I learned how to handle problems, and communicate with the public in a business like manner.

The comments were that I “ Excelled” in my two weeks worked and I would be welcomed back.

I have now began to freelance and am building up a client base. These videos are anything from title, colour grading or editing a short film. One client based in Florida described my overall results of the project.

Like it? I love it!! You rock! It's an awesome job!,
it's been an absolute pleasure working
with you on this collaboration.
Overall I am a very passionate hardworking person willing to put in the extra hours to get the job to its highest standard and I would be delighted to be given a chance to excel and grow in the media industry.


I have now completed an edit for a local band called KUTOSIS, My music video was accepted and won the competition. The Music video is now on their official launch album!

Video here: -
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