JD Holbrook

Freelance Narrator & Consultant

Location:California, United States
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An industry innovator and Founder of EMS Global One, Emergency Disaster Systems, Property Guard International, Rose Eagle Foundation and the originator of the EDS System© for disaster preparation.

In a recent interview JD noted, “We have standards to adhere to in this industry. By design, complying with the standards, we keep environments safe. Therein lies the problem …Compliance does not necessarily mean competence. Compliance meets the standard…Competence sets it!”

It started with a phone from a client in 1989. Then came calls from Japan, New York, Thailand, Europe and New Orleans. In between calls came research, consulting, education, planning, conferences, and associations. Result?

EMS Global One Inc., Emergency Management Solutions around the Globe.
The primary forte is developing innovative emergency operations plans and services for health care institutions, enterprises, the private sector and communities across the United States and Fortune 500 companies.

Cceated the EDS System©, an inventory control system with a specific function designed for equipment and supplies to be in a constant ready position. The System increases speed at which a first responder can react, reducing personal and business losses by minimizing recovery time. Used by giants such as Toyota and Kaiser Permanente.

In 1976, with encouragement and assistance from some large retailers, the Oxford Shopping News became a reality born from a business plan written as a class project. Opened the first ever two story Pizza Hut and first ever of the same on a college campus.

Lately, my focus points directly toward the nutritional industry, developing marketing and presentations for Sir Jason Winters tea and products, becoming instrumental in packaging, FDA requirements, seminars, PR content, sales and sustainability.

To date, consulting and professional speaking rounds off career choices. I look forward to putting this experience to work for you.

“Have a healthy and prosperous day!”
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