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Mysti S. Milwee

Freelance Illustrator, Drawer, & More

Location:Gadsden, Alabama, United States
Phone: 256-442-7279
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Biography 1
Mysti S. Milwee

Mysti S. Milwee, is an Award Winning Professional Artist, International Published Poet, & Photographer, from Gadsden, AL. Her artistic abilities in the arts, has been extraordinary, a go getter, and striving to achieve success in her creative careers. Her determination to achieve success with her creativity flows through her creative imagination. In her art, she mainly works with contemporary works, in acrylic mediums, but she can work in any medium and almost any style including portraits(stylized & realistic), landscapes,etc., her latest works are from visions of her dreams.
As an International Published Poet, she mainly writes in free verse poetry. Her latest poems are about life experiences, about beauty and how she sees life differently. As a diverse poet, some of her works are about life, love, christianity, tragedy, & war.
As a photographer, mainly working in the beauty of nature and its seasonal elements, she also creates contemporary & altered photography. She has been exhibiting her photography works for 2 years.
Her passion for the arts, has taken her to a broad level of understanding the true beauty of seeing things from an artists eye, always seeking new adventure, with many more years to come in her creative careers.
Biography 2
Mysti S. Milwee

I was fortunate to be born with the natural gift of artistic ability, which presented itself at the young age of three, through shading and shadowing with crayons in a coloring book.

Throughout my school years I exhibited and entered art shows & competitions winning local, state, and national awards. After graduation, I received a full tuition scholarship to Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis,MN, and In 2011 received the “Outstanding Graduate of the Year” award, representing over 2 million students studying with DETC(Distance Education Training Council) programs. I have been published in the “Illustrator Magazine”, the DETC Handbook & Pamphlet, & the “Washington Post”.

I participated in the “2010 Sketchbook Project USA Tour” & “The Things I Dream About Project” with Art House Coop Gallery/Library in Brooklyn, NY where my work remains in their permanent collection. I have another sketchbook touring the World in the current “2012 Sketchbook Project World Tour”, which will also return to Brooklyn’s permanent collection.
In 2013 Her illustration was used for the Cystic Fibrosis-T-shirt Design for a local CF 5K Run.

My goal is to create beautiful works of art with unique style through imagination and creative vision. Most of my recent work features my own original visions although other works are rendered from photographs that I have taken. I use a variety of subject styles including realistic, modern, contemporary, pop art, stylized portraits, landscapes and a variety of mediums including colored pencil, acrylics, oils, pen & ink, charcoal, and more.

I am thankful to be blessed with a God given talent that brings joy and happiness and will bring endless opportunities for future success.

Artist Mysti S. Milwee (MSM) Resume

Art education:
• 2009-Graduate of Art Instruction Schools-Minneapolis, MN
• 2005-present: A student at Art Instruction School
Minneapolis, MN—Recipient of Full Scholarship
• 2000-2004: Art Instruction classes: WesleyDickmann
A Certified Ross Instructor-Springville, AL
• 2002-2004: Art Classes-Southside High School
Joanna Neal: Art History-Art Appreciation
• 1995-1999: Art Classes-Beginning Basic Art
Pat McDaniel—Gadsden, AL


• 2013-June-Urban Street Art-Graffiti-Artist Scape Martinez
• 2010-Professional Plein Air Artist-Virginia Vaughn (V…..Vaughn)

Art memberships, associations:
The Arty Circle-Elite Member-April 2013-present
• Emerging Artists Group-2010-Present
Black & White Art Group-2010-Present
National Art Group-2010-Present
Artists & Designers Group-2010-Present
Society For the Arts Group-2010-Present
IAPA (International Association of Pyrographic Artists)-2010-Present
Portrait Painters Group-2010-Present
Organization For The Promotion of Fine Arts-2010-Present
1,000,000 Facebook Artists -2010-Present
Art Groups DFW-2010-Present
2008-Present-Gadsden Museum of Art-Volunteer
GAA (Gadsden Art Association)-Member-2003-Present
• Member of Gadsden Museum of Art 2003
• Member of National Museum of Women In The Arts
Since 2003

• John Recker, Southern Regional Art Representative, Art Instruction Schools

Art Show Judge:
2011 Student Art Show Exhibit, Gadsden Museum of Art

Art Awards:
•2013-“Artists of Note”-1 of 20 Artists selected to paint a violin for “The Art of the Violin Extravaganza-Displayed throughout Gadsden & Etowah County-Finale concludes with Auction of Violins at the Grand Gala.
•Art Instruction Schools “2011 Outstanding Graduate of the Year”. Published in DETC Book, and brochure. Representing over 2 million in DETC Schools in USA and abroad; Published in DETC E-Newsletter “Washington Memo”, also published in Art Instruction Schools Annual “Illustrator Magazine”.
•Gadsden Museum of Art-Emerging Artists Show-“Female Figure”-Honorable Mention-2010
•Art Instruction Schools-Minneapolis, MN-Blue Ribbon Art Award for outstanding achievement in developing artistic skills-2007
•Miss Teen of Alabama Scholarship & Recognition Program
2002-Art Competition State & National Award Winner
•2003-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit-1st,2nd,& 3rd Place
•2003-Gadsden Museum of Art Student Art Exhibit
Honorable Mention
•2002-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit-2nd & 3rd Place
•2001-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit-1st & 2nd Place
•2000-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit-1st & Participant Award
•2000-AL Governor’s Committee on Employment w/ Disabilities
Poster contest-1st place county-3rd place state
•2000-World Aids Day Poster Contest-2nd Place County
•1999-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit-3rd place
•1999-Art Award in State Department of Education
•1994-County Mental Health Awareness Poster Contest-Honorable

Art Exhibits/Shows/Auctions/Online Showcase:
•2013-The Art of the Violin Extravaganza-In conjunction with Gadsden Symphony Orchestra-“Artists of Note”-Will be on display throughout Gadsden & Etowah County (June-September)
•2012-Online Showcase-Colored Pencil Magazine Competition- & showcased by Prismacolor.
•2012-DGI(Downtown Gadsden Inc.)-Gadabout Art-(Promoting Local Artists)
I was 1 of 15 Artists selected to participate in Gadabout Art event.
•2012-Gadsden Museum of Art-Annual Photography Show-
Honorable Mention-“Summer Bee”
•Art House Coop Gallery-Brooklyn,NY:2012 Sketchbook Project World Tour
Remains in Permanent Collection at Art House Library, Brooklyn, NY.
•Art House Coop Gallery-Brooklyn, NY; The Things I Dream About Project; 2011 Exhibit in Art House Gallery-After exhibit Remains in Permanent Collection in Art House Library.-2011
•Art House Coop Gallery-Brooklyn, NY; Sketchbook Project Tour (Brooklyn, NY; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; St. Louis, MO; Los Angeles, CA)-2010; Remains in Permanent Collection at Art House Library.-2010
•Gadsden Museum of Art-Emerging Artists Show-Exhibited 3 works
•Gadsden Museum of Art-1st Annual Southeastern Plein Air Festival & Exhibit-Sold 1 painting. 2010
•Gadsden Art Association-41st Annual Juried Art Show-3 works accepted & exhibited-July 2007
•Celebrating American Diversity-Gadsden Museum of Art
April 27-Exhibited 3 works
•2003-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit
•2003-Gadsden Museum of Art Student Art Exhibit
•2002-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit
•2001-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit
•2000-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit
•1999-Gadsden Mall Art Exhibit

* 2016-Birmingham Arts Journal-"Movement 1" painting published
•AIS-2012-“Illustrator Magazine”-The Art of Mysti S. Milwee
•AIS Outstanding Graduate of Year 2011 published in DETC Book, and brochure
•AIS Outstanding Graduate of Year 2011published in DETC E-Newsletter “Washington Memo”
•Outstanding Graduate of Year 2011 published in AIS Annual “Illustrator Magazine”.

Poets Profile


Mysti S. Milwee from Gadsden, AL has been an international published poet since age 16. Her award-winning poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies including: Famous Poets Society; American Poets Society; International Library of Poetry; Noble House-London-Paris-NY-Europe; Iliad Press, to name a few. Her most recent poem "Gatlinburg Strong" was published in The Mountain Press (Sevierville, TN)

She writes about various subjects and her newest works can leave the audience in thought, including seeing life differently and seeing some beauty in everything as she does. She is an award-winning professional artist working mainly in contemporary works. Her work appears on her Facebook art page at @msmart.mysti.s.milwee