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Andrew Hoch

Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator

Location:Northampton, Massachusetts, United States
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Hi. My name is Andrew. I've been drawing and loving it ever since I was a child. Throughout high school I've wanted to be into graphic design up until I decided I wanted to be some type of doctor and went to school and received a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology (haha weird, right?), So art still being my passion I took as many art courses as I could and received a minor in art. I've been looking into medical illustration as a possible future career opportunity. It definitely seems be permissive to my stylings. I tend to gravitate towards things like surrealism and macabre. Tattoo art and tattooing is a huge passion of mine, I've done handful of them as well (actual tattoos and drawing concept tattoos as request). Although my science background seemed out of place for a while it's coming to my attention that without the analytical know-how of the sciences I wouldn't be here with this mindset with my art (or any of my other talents). I extremely inspired by Escher and Leonardo DaVinci. My favorite media are but not limited to: photoshop/opencanvas with a wacom tablet (digital illustrations), colored pencils, acrylic paints, graphite pencils, and chalk pastels. My personal work tends to be very surrealistic in the way that I want you to see something you've never seen before (because it exists solely in my mind), yet I want to represent it to you as real, visually, as I can.
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Digital Art