Victor Lopez

Freelance Portrait Painter & Mural Painter

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Victor Lopez has been working as visual artist over the last 28 years.
In his youth, Victor had no notion of becoming an artist.
In the ensuing years, Victor engaged in various types of commercial work, from sign painting, to painting murals and portraits.
It was not until Victor became involved with the Back of the Yards community that he began using his artistic abilities as a form of personal expression, as well as applying it as an organizing tool to work with at-risk youth.
Victor’s talents lie in his ability to connect with young people born into challenging situation. His own personal life history is not unlike the young people that he has worked with. This is what helps him to create a positive relationship with his students.
With great pride, Victor has fulfilled quite a few of his goals by using his art to serve the community at large.
A few examples of his work can be found in projects with the church, public art murals created with youth, donating his art for various charitable causes, and even holding art workshops in his home with family and friends.
Through these endeavors, it is Victor’s goal to affect social change, and to positively impact the community.
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Portrait Painting
Mural Painting