Corey Mundale

Freelance German Translator & French Translator

Location:Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States
Phone: 810-919-1926
2 Skills
Corey T. Mundale
1370 W. Judd rd. Flint, MI - 48507 - 810-919-1926

Seeking a translation position with the German language.

Diploma from Carman Ainsworth High School received 2003

Attending Eastern Michigan University 2006 - Present
Course of Study; B.A. General Liberal Arts Major

Experience with German
Over four years of foreign language classes at Eastern Michigan University.

Have Completed:
• German 343 - Cultures and Civilization
• German 344 - Phonetics and Conversation
• German 441 - Survey of German Literature, 800 to Enlightenment
• German 442 - Survey of German Literature, Enlightenment to 1945
• German 492 – Senior Capstone Seminar in German

In courses at EMU have written research papers and have given presentations on topics such as:

• Martin Luther and his use of Anti-Semitic Language in his writing ‘Von Den Juden und Ihre Lügen’
• The life of Friedrich Maximillion von Klinger
• A Phonetic Comparison between the German and English Languages using a recorded interview conducted by myself with a native German speaker
• The lives of Jews in Germany pre World War II

Participate with German clubs in the Ann Arbor area communicating with native speakers. Have extensive abilities to structurally analyze grammatical aspects of the German language and to orient them stylistically according to the document that is being translated. Have developed a finely tuned sense for differences between English and German in reference to a document in translation.

Work Experience
Mr. Pizza, Pizza Delivery - Washtenaw rd. Ypsilanti MI,
August 2009 - November 2010
May Contact Store Manager Ken Clinnansmith, 734-485-0010

Outgoing Attributes
• Value punctuality and reliability
• Personal standards are always higher than what is asked for
• Use of creativity in problem solving allows for a great amount of independence
• Attention to detail is strict and unwavering
• Participate well with others in a working environment

Other Qualifications in an Intellectual Environment
Studied in Groningen, Holland August 2007 - December 2007. There at Rijkseluniversiteit courses on the Dutch language, and in the Dutch language were received. Have studied the French language at Eastern Michigan University September 2008 - Present. Over six years experience playing piano and percussion in musical ensembles at U of M Flint, Mott Community College, and Eastern Michigan University. One Semester spent as German Club President at Eastern Michigan University.

Volunteer Work
Volunteered at recreational facility Parkridge Community Center, in Ypsilanti MI mentoring troubled children with fun activities such as Basketball and Music. September 2008 – November 2008

Over Myself
I enjoy spending time outside exercising and spending time with my Great Dane. I enjoy playing video games and watching movies in the German and French languages. No matter how busy I get, I value keeping a strong social life with friends and family.