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I am a person who just loves to express my feelings through my writing rather than speaking. I admire the fact that it just comes naturally to me. I love to write about my life stories and special events, which I had to over come, in order not to harbor my feelings, that would expose negativity to my inner soul. The sky is the limit when you want to let the world know that you do exist with your talent. I might not have what you have as a writer but as you know everyone is different and that's what makes us all unique. So you hear me through my writing and that's just the beginning of my life journey that I can share with my audience. I did say to myself someday I would write a biography about my life. I haven't attempted it at this point of time. I feel it's going to happen once I gain enough confidence with in my self. I know I can capture my readers by many short stories that hit great topics of interest to keep them entertained. One story can lead to many others if the words are captivating to my readers. We humans do need to feel the life we have around us is so precious and hungry for laughter and love along with, sadness and selfishness, which is all tied into one self. I can relate to all feelings we keep inside that can cause so much pain or change you for who you really are. Once you know me you can be a better person, because I might find the answers that lie with in you. Yes, I have endured so much through out my life. I just can only imagine what I can bring out in a person who has no one, or is afraid to express what they feel about negative events that have over come them. Many people experience things in life that they tend to keep a secret. I feel I will open my life to you and let you understand " why" that is a question you ask your self, that I might have the answer to. I want to redirect your mind to a better place. I would love to answer all questions that you never would dare to ask anyone else.

I hope you enjoyed this topic. I can offer you much more with life experiences to benefit what your going through. Life is complicated and every person has bad, along with good. No one would ever be perfect. Rich or poor, white or black, we are all the same. No one is better than the other. Every one has a gift no matter who they are. Remember one big thing you need to think positive rather than negative, which we as humans tend to get negative easily. Try and think outside of the box rather than in the box. When it comes to relationships with family or couples I can ease your mind, with a good solid answer to put all at rest!!. I am very sensitive to the human mind and how you think and feel. The wise and witty can easily be spotted when read. So thank you for reading my words and if you have any questions regarding this topic please email me at
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