Freelance Digital Artist & Flyer Designer

Location:Perrysburg, Ohio, United States
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Art is my passion my soul and my being. I have been doing art work and photography for 30 plus years . My artistic ability is a gift that I am blessed to have I never went to school for it . I have a very eclectic genra when it comes to specifics, I do not just stick to one area my mind is all over the map when I am creating my art. I charge my rate depending on the project but this page makes me place a rate per hour so I did

Sometimes I find that people can understand what I create while others do not and I am fine with that I do not conform to what society expects I am within my own world , never coloring within the lines of reality. I have had many ask me to do work for them and for a very long time its was strictly for myself. Now I am branching out to see where my journey takes me .
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Digital Art
Flyer Design